Friday, April 22, 2011

Sample Rubrics for English Activities

Rubrics are very important in evaluating and measuring the performance of the students in oral and writing activities. The criteria are needed. It will serve as the basis to which approach does the graded part will be given emphasis. I hope that these sample Rubrics will serve as a guide in your activities for evaluation purposes.

Rubrics on Group Activity
Promptness to assemble and finish task on time – 2.5 points
Member’s cooperation in the discussion and work – 2.5 points
Clarity and smoothness in the discussion of the topic/task with the class – 2.5 points
Use of English in the discussion – 2.5 points
Total Points – 10

Rubric for Reading Part of a Story
Pronounce words correctly and clearly – 4 points
Give natural expressions to the emotions in the story – 3 points
Show natural conversation intonation among the other characters – 3 points
Total Points – 10 points

Rubrics for Reader’s Theater
Correct pronunciation and enunciation – 5 points
Reading with expressions and proper use of hands, heads, and voices (Variation) – 5 points
Natural flow of conversation among characters – 5 points
Readiness and promptness (Variation) – 5 points
Total – 20 points

Rubric for Parts-of-Speech Poem
Follow guidelines – 2 points
Article + noun
Adjective + conjunction
Verb + conjunction + verb
Noun (Relating to the noun in the first line line)
Sensible ideas (topic) in composition – 3 points
Vocabulary choice (appropriateness, high sounding) – 3 points
Spelling, Neatness – 2 points
Total Points – 10

Rubrics for Assessing Friendship Portfolio
Mechanics in writing (penmanship, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, margin, indention and neatness) – 3 points
Content (interesting, richness) – 3 points
Vocabulary used (high sounding) – 2 points
Organization (Smooth flow in the presentation of ideas) – 3 points
Total Points – 10

Rubric for the Assessment of Book Report
Correctness of Information about the book (Part 1) – 5 points
Mechanics in writing the summary (penmanship, capitalization, punctuation, spelling, margin, indention, neatness) – 5 points
Content (interesting, richness) – 8 points
Organization (smooth flow in the presentation of ideas) – 7 points
Total Points – 25 points

Rubrics for Storytelling
Poise (confidence, naturalness) – 2 points
Voice and diction – 2 points
Clarity of events in the story – 5 points
Vocabulary used – 2 points
Correctness in grammar – 4 points
Total points – 15 points

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