Saturday, April 30, 2011

Teaching Strategy: Discussion

The far most common strategy that most of the teachers in delivering their lessons to the students is the form of a discussion. But how does discussion become an atmosphere that the students would love?

Teaching is not merely for the sake of giving the information and that is it. It is more about how the teacher gives the lesson in a more effective way that the students would love the way she teaches.

There are varieties of ways to stimulate discussion. There is the nature that the whole group discussion that refreshes the students’ memories about the assigned reading. There is also this way that the students list points and issues that questions stem from the assigned reading.

Indeed, the way teacher leads the discussion strategy should center more on the student activity. He should throw more questions that the students will be directed to a specific point. In this way, there is interplays both that happens of the learner and the learning process. It is through formulating Higher Order Thinking Skill (HOTS) questions that the students stir their minds to think for what is the point and how would that questions lead them to answer and in what manner. Students as well can be the source of the questioning effect. They can also asks questions but most of the time, it is solely the teacher would simulate the rolling of the questions.

Higher Order Thinking Skill questions always start with How…?, Why…?, In what way…?, If you were…? It is also best that you will provide a certain situation before you pose the questions. This will help the students develop their creative thinking skill ability.

Discussion as strategy in teaching is not more focus on the teacher activity. There should be more involvement of the students and the teacher will just act like a facilitator.

Higher Order Thinking Skill questions discriminate the use of What…?, Where…?, Who…? in questioning. HOTS is more on igniting the curiosity of the student into the highest level of thinking and reasoning.

Thus, if all the Discussion Strategy of the teacher be like this, then there is a lively atmosphere in the classroom environment and the students will not deprive themselves in learning. They will always have that “feel” to go to attend classes and go to school everyday.

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