Saturday, May 7, 2011

At 100 and 90, world’s oldest newlyweds

Love is never impossible.

Indeed, time can wait and there is that specific time to share one’s love if and only if both of them can wait.

I was touched by the love story of this couple who in the age of their late adulthood still have to fight for their love. That is really amazing. Most of the lovers as I can observe nowadays are not that promising enough to wait and as a result, they tend to marry the wrong person.

Forrest Lunsway and Rose Pollard both an Orange County, Calif. couple both married last March 19 on Forrest's 100th birthday. Rose even gave wisdom to share on how to make a marriage work. She said that one should take your time and get to know one another. You should get to know if you like all the things that person stands for. You should be forgiving and patient and say I love you once in a while. She further added that that their advanced age means that she and Forrest don't have many of the anxieties that can be a challenge for other newlyweds which is why that's one of the things they can forget about—time because for them, time doesn't mean that much.
Now, they are happily both together doing ballroom dancing, kayaking in Alaska and walking on the coast of California.

The love that this amazing couple has is really a fight of not giving up. They both have the trust and hope which spells in time. And that time comes now.

I was overwhelmingly touched with their love story. They set an inspirational view that love is never impossible even when you are at your old age. How wonderful to know that there is true love and that true love can always wait even if it takes a lifetime.

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