Friday, May 6, 2011

Military Dog in Bin Laden’s raid

The whole world is always on the search of discovering the real story of who really the persons involved in the success of the raid of bin Laden (that cause his total death) which happened last Monday.

Who could have thought that much of the participation comes from the help of the “man’s best friend”, the military dog, Canine Commando. Speculations quest on this news but there is that sure evidence that the dog is the main angel as well on that raid.

Indeed, it is not only humans that can help serious cases but the presence of the animals especially the dog for this case donates much success to the operation that cause the culprit and the terrorist in death.

Dogs are human’s best friend that they have this tendency to always on the side of defending their boss from all sorts of situation. They are also a big help to search operations and military raids in war all around the world. It is because of their extraordinary sense of smell that tells the truth of where bad people can be found. They have this kind of wonderful instinct that is unique among other animals. They are that gifted and useful.

That is why, whenever military operations will take place, there is no doubt that they consider having dogs in their activities for they know well that they are a big help in detecting and telling where bad guys hide.

God is really that good for giving all the available resources here on Earth for the truth to prevail. God doesn’t want to let the bad people win in the race of life that even with the use of the animals can be an asset to search them.

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