Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Who is going to be the next bin Laden?

Before and even during the death of bin Laden, the US military forces and most of the countries in the world are in tight vigilance over its nations. This ever-wanted targeted person comes to end as the flag of the US marvels its victory as he disappears. But the speculations linger on until this moment, “Who is going to be the next bin Laden?”

There are numerous “the next” to-be-targeted names and most of them are members of the al Qaeda movement which spearheaded by the late bin Laden.

Citing from the scenario of such like this, these cruel individuals causing more turmoils of their lives because no matter how they force themselves to ruin countries, but still victory will not give them sweet success. They will always on the loss.

I just don’t get why this notorious individuals are taking innocent lives at risk. If power is their heed, then it will not be theirs because countries always seek for justice and peace. There are lots of people who will surely kill them and put them to hell.
Remembering back of what happen to the 9/11 and Time Square tragedy of the terrorist attack, I can’t even define how these persons do such acts. Why are their souls always happy in doing immoral things which could lose many lives? Are they not afraid of God and His judgment?
Probably, this type of persons is always seeking for love. They are more of their pride and their cruel beliefs. Definitely when they are young, their parents lack love to their children. Their parents lack care and concern for them. Their parents weren’t not able to nourish them with good values and moral teachings as they grow and progress their development.

There are innocent lives that they are taking. Those innocent souls are people who live life in a modest way of living. They are perfectly be given justice and the right to enjoy the happiness of this world could ever display. But agony are their sufferance as these cruel persons kill them and put end to their hopes and dreams.

If people have this sense of love, peace and unity, there is no war. There is no fighting. There is no question about religion and its beliefs. There is no taking of innocent lives. What lies ahead are understanding, unity, peace, prosperity, happiness and love.

I pray that God will always touch the heart of those individuals who are planning to destroy the universe that they may realize how wonderful it is to live a peaceful live. I always pray for justice to prevail to every person who seeks for it.

I hope that there are lots in store for the children of tomorrow. A kind of world that keeps them embrace morality and hinder the cruelty of evil ways. I hope that all the people will unite as one nation, as one family, as one children of God.

That I always pray.

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