Sunday, June 19, 2011

Stylish and affordable T-shirts

The line in fashion doesn't only call for extravagant type of clothes, it also caters some lines in T-shirts.

T-shirts are not void in time. In fact, this generation calls for whatever designs and style one can ever make out from modeling t-shirts.

I have been in the comfort zone of using T shirts whenever I want to go places. This gives me the ease of me not being conscious of what I wear. I never worry more if I do look best or not because I know in the first place that t-shirts provide me with the kind of extra care of me, feeling the comfort out of what I wear.

In fact, the existence of t-shirts is not that obsolete. People from all walks of life are in the point of preferring to wear the real thing rather making themselves look complicated and worst.

T-shirts wraps a person in a way that he is pleasing to everyone. It gives him the chance to fully enjoy the everyday approaches in life of not worrying a lot but instead, it provides him with avenues that explores more on the wonderful side.

Me, I love wearing t-shirts and it is inseparable in my life!

Friday, June 17, 2011

The love of Christ is everlasting.

Out from the much pressures that this world displays, there is really that moment of silence as I reflect life in a sense of feeling the existence and the vigor of Christ in me.

I definitely can say that I am always on the hectic side of school works and all other things that makes me preoccupied. I am very happy that God puts me in a reason and purpose of knowing the site that my co-teacher himself made. His site speaks more on Christ's love and how in his life God touches his soul in a way of revealing Christ to others. He presented reflections and various stories that inspire me which is circled more on hope, love and guidance that God is imparting him to realize.

Here I am in the verge of looking into more details on his post because I have seen such simplicity manifested, revealing that God's love is everlasting.

I really love the insights and realities of my co-teacher's work. I love to visit because there are lots in store for me which drives me in reminding always that God is love and his love is never ceasing.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Junrey Balawing: World's shortest man

It has been officially declared and announced that Junrey Balawing from the Philippines is the new World's Shortest Man by the Guinness Book of Records.

I am very proud of this 18-year old man because despite many are aspiring for the said record and now he is recognize to have break the "others" shortest man in the world.
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