Friday, June 17, 2011

The love of Christ is everlasting.

Out from the much pressures that this world displays, there is really that moment of silence as I reflect life in a sense of feeling the existence and the vigor of Christ in me.

I definitely can say that I am always on the hectic side of school works and all other things that makes me preoccupied. I am very happy that God puts me in a reason and purpose of knowing the site that my co-teacher himself made. His site speaks more on Christ's love and how in his life God touches his soul in a way of revealing Christ to others. He presented reflections and various stories that inspire me which is circled more on hope, love and guidance that God is imparting him to realize.

Here I am in the verge of looking into more details on his post because I have seen such simplicity manifested, revealing that God's love is everlasting.

I really love the insights and realities of my co-teacher's work. I love to visit because there are lots in store for me which drives me in reminding always that God is love and his love is never ceasing.

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