Thursday, September 29, 2011

Be happy!

What is really important about life is to live in great happiness and to enjoy life the way what one wants to drive his or her life.

I have been through lots of sacrifices and trials in life. I have felt the way to get hurt and extremely hurt and how it feels to be neglected. I have been through lots of tears and disappointments. I have experienced being judged and backbite as a worthless person who doesn't know everything.

It is really that hurtful to experience such kind of feeling because it demoralizes me and my wants in life. It really makes me feel unwanted and unfortunate. But as I have been stoned by those negative satires, I wake up each day with a prayer and light in my heart that this will soon be over and someday, I know that I will be happy.

Now, that time is now. I am very much happier than ever. I can do what I want in life. I can be able to see things in a clear view that life is not that hopeless but it is full of many wonderful surprises that out from what I have experienced before, all leads up to great and continuous happiness without measure.

The existence of life is to be happy and to live life according to what is pleasing to the eyes of God.

Thank you Lord that I am now in the process of gaining great happiness in life.

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