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Sample Test Paper for Grade 4 - English

I personally made this test paper which I have given to my pupils. I want to test their skills in writing especially in grammar and spelling, their comprehension skills as well.

This kind of test is good for Grade 4 pupils.

I. Vocabulary. Identify the meaning of the underlined word in each sentence. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

1. Tandang Sora was well-known in history for giving her services during the revolution against the Spaniards.
a. thorough replacement of an established government or political system by the people governed.
b. well-established form of government that is governed by politicians
c. cycle of the government processes and actions
d. changes in the establishment of the government officials

2. Fulgencio Ramos was the victor who held her heart in a wedding ceremony.
a. a person with determination
b. a coward who stands in the corner
c. a winner in any struggle or contest
d. a fighter who quits immediately

3. Tandang Sora eked out alone to send her children to elementary school.
a. to find the right person
b. to make a living
c. to ask for questions
d. to work on the existing problems

4. She was later exiled in Guam to stop her from supporting the revolution.
a. to gather
b. to distribute
c. to throw
d. to expel

5. She was patriotic.
a. describes a person’s enthusiasm and pursuit to attain happiness
b. describes a person’s support and love of one’s country
c. describes a person’s act of generosity
d. describes a person’s desire to be open and true

6. We, Filipinos, have heroes whom we can choose to admire, love and emulate.
a. to take for granted
b. to show love and concern
c. to destroy
d. to imitate or follow

7. Andres Bonifacio sold canes and fans for a living.
a. a stick or a short staff
b. a tool for cooking
c. a football equipment
d. cigarette pipes

8. He founded the Katipunan on July 7, 1892.
a. called
b. delivered
c. established
d. debated

9. Thus, under incompetent leadership, he took back the responsibility of supervising the Katipunan.
a. capable
b. immorality
c. resistible
d. not capable

10. He was a promising employee of a German company in Manila.
a. anything that shows destructions
b. something that calls for democracy
c. anything that portrays acceptance
d. something that shows assurance

11. The old beach is abandoned and dead.
a. to call immediately
b. to leave completely
c. to judge a person
d. to destroy the life of

12. The waters has turned murky black and was no longer fit for swimming.
a. dirty
b. sticky
c. odorous
d. fresh

13. Carlo longed for the beach of long ago.
a. telling the exact truth
b. showing sad faces of expression
c. having desire for craving
d. satisfying the wants and desires

14. He was strolling one night when a shell caught his eyes.
a. seeing
b. talking
c. walking
d. sleeping

15. He saw a small ball of fire hurtling across the sky.
a. move with little pace
b. move with slow motion
c. move in higher grounds
d. move with great speed

II. Spelling. Write the letter of the answer on the blank provided before each number.

___________16. a. rendezvous b. rendevous c. rendizvous d. reindezvous

___________17. a. mustachee b. mustaeche c. mustache d. musstachee

___________18. a. miragge b. mirragge c. mirangge d. mirage

___________19. a. shampagne b. champagn c. champagne d. champagnne

___________20. a. tomorrow b. tomorow c. tommorrow d. tommorow

___________21. a. soliloquy b. solilloquy c. solliqquy d. soliquuyy

___________22. a. occasion b. occassion c. ocasion d. occasion

___________23. a. yachtt b. yaccht c. yacht d. yatch

___________24. a. sepulchree b. sepulcree c. sepulcher d. sepulcheer

___________ 25. a. chef b. sheef c. shef d. sheefe

III. Rewrite each of the sentences below. Replace the underlined word of each sentence with its subject pronouns like I, you, he, she, it we or they.
26. The thief stole the expensive diamonds.
27. The elegant lady walked into the hotel.
28. The green palm trees were growing abundantly.
29. The lid of the box was left wide open.
30. The woman carefully wrote the letter.
31. Detectives kept diligent watch at the bank.
32. A mouse ran all through the house.
33. The chimney was extremely tall.
34. The Titanic was an enormous ship.
35. The nature photographers filmed the hippopotamus.

IV. Object and Possessive Pronouns. Encircle the word of the correct answer.
36. The thief stole (them, their) bags.
37. The elegant lady walked into (it, hers).
38. The green palm trees were growing in (our, them) garden.
39. The lid of the box was left on (ours, his) table.
40. The woman carefully wrote to (they, him).
41. The pencil belongs to the girl. It is (his, hers).
42. I ride a bike to school. The bike is (mine, his).
43. The lady wore a beautiful dress. The beautiful dress was (hers, theirs).
44. The children played with the computer. It was (theirs, them).
45. You can choose any food to eat. The choice is (ours, yours).

V. Reading Comprehension (Idiomatic Expression). Identify the meaning of the words in bold letters. Encircle the letter of the correct answer.

46. Most people like to come home after work and put their feet up.
a. take their socks off
b. take their shoes off
c. relax
d. sit down

47. Mary was exactly the same as everybody else but this particular night she wanted to let her hair down.

a. wash her hair
b. comb her hair
c. really enjoy herself
d. really comb her hair

48. She put her favourite CD on and turned it up full blast.
a. to complete volume
b. to exact volume
c. to fine volume
d. to maximum volume

49. In the end her neighbour decided to speak his mind.
a. say exactly what he thought
b. have a chat
c. say a few words
d. express a point of view

50. A few months later they decided to knock down the adjoining wall and now everything in the garden is lovely.
a. the flowers are growing
b. everything is perfect
c. everything is growing
d. everything is flowering

51. Mary opened the door and as soon as they saw each other they fell head over heels in love with each other.

a. quickly
b. utterly
c. easily
d. slowly

52. I take my hat off to all those people who worked hard to get the contract.
a. respect
b. courage
c. congratulate
d. welcome

53. I'm sure sometimes you all wanted to call it a day and go home.
a. stop work
b. start work
c. continue working
d. do it later

54. There are times in life when it's very important to keep your chin up.
a. be smart
b. be careful
c. be brave
d. be cheerful

55. I must not forget either all those very important people, without whom none of us could operate, who work behind the scenes.

a. in the dark
b. at the back
c. in the evenings
d. in the background

VI. Identify the kind of Figure of Speech for the following sentences. Write Simile, Metaphor or Personification on the blank provided before each number.

56. Good coffee is like friendship: rich and warm and strong.
57. The fire ran wild.
58. Time is a thief.
59. Darkness shouted from a distance.
60. Language is a road map of a culture. It tells you where its people come from and where they are going.

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