Monday, October 3, 2011

Feeling busy.

For so many times that life makes me busy, I then questioned myself what are these business of being busy often can do for me? How am I going to get over this? Or is there a way to keep myself of not being busy all the time flourish into myself?

If the purpose of life is to find for a living, work, work and work, then I expected to be always busy, but it seems that what I do is always keeping me apt to work and always at work. I don't really want to be overly tired with work but there is nothing I can do but to force myself to work hard more and more each day.

This is really what the purpose of life here on Earth. Of course, I need to work in order for me to sustain my needs and to buy that things that I need. It is impossible for one to live without hard labor. It is also that frustrating to let dwell into the kind of life that makes me like an aloof person of not getting much strength.

Indeed, life is really a matter of how we are going to live with it and that it takes must work and strength to go on and find our way to living.

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