Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gluttony is a sin.

This lunch time, I was very busy on things for school. But my activity ceased for a friend of mine told me that we need to go to a house's friend to have a dine. 

I was quite in a great delight, thinking that I can eat the best food that I crave for, my ultimate want - spaghetti and fruit salad. 

We had a walk to their place and I was not discouraged because I was able to eat the kind of food that I want. It gives me much satisfaction to the point that I again and again went there to have a serve for those. Indeed, I was not able to feel my stomach, but all I did is to eat, eat and eat. 

I find eating this day as an enjoyable habit. That is why, I constantly finding myself in the near side of the table so that I could reach the food that I want to eat, the worse is that we went from one house to another. 

My stomach is like a canyon that is ready to explode. I was very full. I couldn't even breath. Now, this is what I call gluttony and of course, it is a sin. But I never mind that. What is in my mind is that I have to eat, eat and eat a lot. Now, there goes my bulging stomach that I could feel that it goes to my intestine. 

As I went home from that crazy party, I exaggeratedly goes to the comfort room again and again, defecating. It is such a horrible defecating experience. It seems that all the food that I have eaten went out from my body and now, I could feel a healthy stomach. 

What gluttony can do to me? This is another revelation that indeed it is a sin to eat in full. 

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Critical Thinking

Just this afternoon after our classes, all of us, teachers were tasked to go upstairs at the AVR (room) for the short seminar on "Critical Thinking."

I was sitting at the rear side of the room for me to capture the whole nature of the space. I was faithfully listening to the speaker. She welcomed us with a quiz that would test our critical thinking ability based on the points that we will be earning. They were 10 questions. They are very difficult, but I am very glad that I got 6 points out of 10. That surely makes me believe that my critical thinking ability is not rough somehow.

I have learned that Critical Thinking is the wide range of limitless ideas in the art of questioning that directs the pupils or students to exercise their "higher order thinking" ability,making them aware of what made them think and realize out from the various situations, reactions and happening in the environment, in the world. It arouses their curiosity and stirs their minds that such a realization of discovery would let them in giving importance of their worth that they have such a mind to analyze and fully recognize the essence of life through making them feel that they can do more than doing, it is through by thinking constructively also.

Why does gaining critical thinking in oneself important? Why is it beneficial and needed? How does it improve teaching and learning? How does it help a person in his day-to-day living? These are the following questions that our speaker is leading us as we go forward in the discussion.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Having a Meeting

Just this afternoon, we had a meeting with the other people who are part of the important event. There are lots of things that we have discussed and part of it is the important reminder that keeps our head on, most importantly on the things that matters our performance in the field of our profession.

I understand that the administration and the head teachers are garnering themselves to do their best for the better fulfillment of the teaching environment with their teachers.

It is good to have known their observations so that we could better understand that there are some points in our teaching methods that we need to improve more.

I was recording the grades of the pupils in the class record as I am listening to the speakers. Many of them outburst their feelings and have expressed their side. It is so good that such a meeting as like this showed that the people responsible, the "pillars" of the school revealed that every teacher should point out the kind of nature especially in the terms of disciplining the children.

It has been observed that the children nowadays are different unlike the nature of the kids before. Thus, the call to reprimand them is really needed because a teacher can't afford to tolerate themselves from not giving much attention especially when it comes to the bad behavior that they are displaying in the class. Indeed, reminding them is very needed for them to pay closer attention of what their teacher is telling them.

Proper manners, right behavior and good conduct should be introduced and taught by the parents right at the start of their being conscious of the world at home. But it is so sad to comprehend that this matter is blatant in the eyes of the parents. They rely all their must for teachers to discipline their children where in fact, right from the start, learning should start at home and one way of teaching them is preaching them how to respect and value people in obeying them at all times.

What I have observed about the children in today's generation is far more different of the kind of kids as of my time before. One command from our teacher, we easily do them and we pay much closer attention.

Now, because of the technological advancement and too much dependence of the gadgets in the third world class, the way children behave are copied from what they have seen and heard in televisions, videos and in the entertainment industry. I have observed that their behavior becomes aggraviatingly a problem. They tend to be rebellious, impulsive, hard-headed and restless. They tend not to study hard and it seems that schooling is just an extention of their playing routines from what they have learned in computer and video games.

This infliction is like a venom that victimizes the whole body of emotional and intellectual depletion of every learner. It is widespread. In fact, it heightens its wings to the level of demoralizing the minds of the children, leading to believe that it is okay to talk back, fight back or to disrespect people of various faces and stands.

Our meeting this afternoon realizes me to make extra and super extra effort to manage and to give much important more and more to every situation that calls for rapid and immediate approach for the better transformation of every learner.

I just hope that the parents, too will take part in that big role, forming their children to wrap in all its values and moral lessons with them who act as the first and would act as their FIRST at all times.

Indeed, life is not that easy and it is not that complicated. If parents will pay close attention to the needs of their children emotionally and spiritually, then they will know that why their children become an addict or the most targeted terrorist now will always lead and question them as they don't pay much closer attention to the needs of their children.

Their faults now, their children's mess forever.

Friday, November 18, 2011

In Writing

Oftentimes I do observed that I am abusive to myself. Why on Earth I am getting things more complicated. That is what I have felt that others tell to me. But they are wrong! It is just that I do endless writing jobs, making reports, do researches and even accomplish day-to-day goals. I mean, I usually take that as part of my life, a habit and now it becomes a "vice"?

I asked myself, "Why am I working hard?", "What is this for?" What if one day time comes that I will pay for the price of paying much for being abusive, that I have done of not being able to rest and stop for awhile.

There are times that I feel so disappointed of not being able to write for a day. In fact, I felt so miserable when I don't have words and if I can't be able to share my ideas and thoughts, I feel useless and worthless.

Some of my colleagues said that I look like I am in the late 30's or 40's, but I don't mind them for I know we have various goals in life that makes us look pretty "young" or "old. And writing defines me that their definition, I guess.

The moment that I have discovered that I have such talent as like this, writing, I never think twice to share them. My ideas speak more than that. My pen and the stroke of its mark tell more of me to them. It is like my life and I can't live a day without telling the world that, "Oh! This is me. This is what I have felt. This is what I want to impart." Sounds weird, but that is just simply the way I am.

Because of this unique talent in me, I have been travelling and well-traveled to various emotions and realizations in life that even one hair strand, the tiniest dusts or the most disgusted feeling of rejection, I put them to writing.

What I am heading for in writing is that the worth of my inner self is being heard and it is given a portion to be known. I don't have much problem about, if I am running out of words for the words just come so naturally. It is like a quick snap of a finger or a big, "OH!"

Being able to write defines me. I the expression in today's generation, a part of the century and a trademark of writers who have one common bond of cause, to be heard and get heard.

Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Michelle's birthday!

Today I wake up early and if it could not because of the other people greeting her, I almost forgot that today is the birthday of my friend, Michelle. Then, I leave a message greeting her.

I don't intentionally choose to almost forgot this day that I was almost forgetting her birthday. Thanks that it is not too late to greet her.

Michelle is my friend in school. She is married and she has 2 kids. She is really that hardworking for her family.

In school, I can see the vigor of her strength because no matter how hard the work is, she dedicatedly sacrifice everything for the sake of her children. I can see that in her. She is really a brave woman.

I give recognition of her for making me then realize that realities like being married and have two kids makes her do and work hard for her family. It is such a kind of reflection that I have learned that life is never easy.

To feel November 11, 2011 as 11-11-11?!?!?!?

I am observing the nature of the day today as I have kept in mind that I will not be carried away by the "significant" of this day, but rather I want to feel the "insignificant" of it as it is just as a usual day, but I was totally in the weak of that perception because the atmosphere is rampantly letting me feel that this day is really, this is it - 11-11-11.

I don't want to treat this day like it is not as ordinary as it should suppose to be or it supposes to be seem but I can't quit that feeling because almost everywhere, I am reminded that "Hey! Today is really 11-11-11!" It is like I am bound to have a celebration for this day. I could not say that I could fully ignore it nor could I say that I don't care. The environment is trying to break the tied concept of me, not feeling it. But I just can't, I just can't resist it.

It feels like that this day is like "These Words" (I love you, I love you, I love you) by Natasha Bedingfield. And indeed, the rest is unwritten... :-)

Friday, November 4, 2011

Indigenous Bag

Whatever the materials are for making bags, it is that it displays its own taste that brings out the best out from its structure. The style and the design also make it more appealing and attractive to look at.

Bags are that famously in fashion. In fact, most of the lines bags that are in demand nowadays are those that are made out of indigenous materials. Such as this kind of bag which I have bought online. It costs much, but what really appeals me with this bag is the design as well as the art that the weaver puts in this to look this form. It is made out of "kawayan" strips that are compounded or gathered together to come up with such kind of art, making it attractive and unique.

The most why every person make bags a fad is not with how much do it costs, but the materials and the style that has on it.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Bulk Ornaments

There are always in store for all the people in the world. No matter what kind of thing one wants to have or purchase, it can all be made possible all the time.

Always people go for the main deal that they can be able to save more without compromising their pocket and the quality of the material they are going to purchase. I think it can't be denied that such a kind of thinking would always lead to the fulfillment of what they think best out from what they want to own.

In times that they want to save more and pay less, there is always that great solution and offer that would not left them empty-handed at all costs. The bulk ornaments cater them to enjoy that lifetime chance of feeling the bliss of gaining more, saving much and owning that thing satisfyingly.

It is always a fact that when one spends, it can't be denied that they want only the best from what they intend to spend for no one can afford to lose and profit no more.

Whatever the price is, people go for what is reasonably be the best!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"Hold my Hand" by J Rice

I really like this song. It speaks about being hopeful and to hold for what tomorrow might bring with hope. It is a very nice song.

When you are down and you feel that the world is against you, then it is very good to listen to this song. It is also an inspirational song.

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