Thursday, November 24, 2011

Critical Thinking

Just this afternoon after our classes, all of us, teachers were tasked to go upstairs at the AVR (room) for the short seminar on "Critical Thinking."

I was sitting at the rear side of the room for me to capture the whole nature of the space. I was faithfully listening to the speaker. She welcomed us with a quiz that would test our critical thinking ability based on the points that we will be earning. They were 10 questions. They are very difficult, but I am very glad that I got 6 points out of 10. That surely makes me believe that my critical thinking ability is not rough somehow.

I have learned that Critical Thinking is the wide range of limitless ideas in the art of questioning that directs the pupils or students to exercise their "higher order thinking" ability,making them aware of what made them think and realize out from the various situations, reactions and happening in the environment, in the world. It arouses their curiosity and stirs their minds that such a realization of discovery would let them in giving importance of their worth that they have such a mind to analyze and fully recognize the essence of life through making them feel that they can do more than doing, it is through by thinking constructively also.

Why does gaining critical thinking in oneself important? Why is it beneficial and needed? How does it improve teaching and learning? How does it help a person in his day-to-day living? These are the following questions that our speaker is leading us as we go forward in the discussion.

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