Sunday, November 27, 2011

Gluttony is a sin.

This lunch time, I was very busy on things for school. But my activity ceased for a friend of mine told me that we need to go to a house's friend to have a dine. 

I was quite in a great delight, thinking that I can eat the best food that I crave for, my ultimate want - spaghetti and fruit salad. 

We had a walk to their place and I was not discouraged because I was able to eat the kind of food that I want. It gives me much satisfaction to the point that I again and again went there to have a serve for those. Indeed, I was not able to feel my stomach, but all I did is to eat, eat and eat. 

I find eating this day as an enjoyable habit. That is why, I constantly finding myself in the near side of the table so that I could reach the food that I want to eat, the worse is that we went from one house to another. 

My stomach is like a canyon that is ready to explode. I was very full. I couldn't even breath. Now, this is what I call gluttony and of course, it is a sin. But I never mind that. What is in my mind is that I have to eat, eat and eat a lot. Now, there goes my bulging stomach that I could feel that it goes to my intestine. 

As I went home from that crazy party, I exaggeratedly goes to the comfort room again and again, defecating. It is such a horrible defecating experience. It seems that all the food that I have eaten went out from my body and now, I could feel a healthy stomach. 

What gluttony can do to me? This is another revelation that indeed it is a sin to eat in full. 

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