Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Having a Meeting

Just this afternoon, we had a meeting with the other people who are part of the important event. There are lots of things that we have discussed and part of it is the important reminder that keeps our head on, most importantly on the things that matters our performance in the field of our profession.

I understand that the administration and the head teachers are garnering themselves to do their best for the better fulfillment of the teaching environment with their teachers.

It is good to have known their observations so that we could better understand that there are some points in our teaching methods that we need to improve more.

I was recording the grades of the pupils in the class record as I am listening to the speakers. Many of them outburst their feelings and have expressed their side. It is so good that such a meeting as like this showed that the people responsible, the "pillars" of the school revealed that every teacher should point out the kind of nature especially in the terms of disciplining the children.

It has been observed that the children nowadays are different unlike the nature of the kids before. Thus, the call to reprimand them is really needed because a teacher can't afford to tolerate themselves from not giving much attention especially when it comes to the bad behavior that they are displaying in the class. Indeed, reminding them is very needed for them to pay closer attention of what their teacher is telling them.

Proper manners, right behavior and good conduct should be introduced and taught by the parents right at the start of their being conscious of the world at home. But it is so sad to comprehend that this matter is blatant in the eyes of the parents. They rely all their must for teachers to discipline their children where in fact, right from the start, learning should start at home and one way of teaching them is preaching them how to respect and value people in obeying them at all times.

What I have observed about the children in today's generation is far more different of the kind of kids as of my time before. One command from our teacher, we easily do them and we pay much closer attention.

Now, because of the technological advancement and too much dependence of the gadgets in the third world class, the way children behave are copied from what they have seen and heard in televisions, videos and in the entertainment industry. I have observed that their behavior becomes aggraviatingly a problem. They tend to be rebellious, impulsive, hard-headed and restless. They tend not to study hard and it seems that schooling is just an extention of their playing routines from what they have learned in computer and video games.

This infliction is like a venom that victimizes the whole body of emotional and intellectual depletion of every learner. It is widespread. In fact, it heightens its wings to the level of demoralizing the minds of the children, leading to believe that it is okay to talk back, fight back or to disrespect people of various faces and stands.

Our meeting this afternoon realizes me to make extra and super extra effort to manage and to give much important more and more to every situation that calls for rapid and immediate approach for the better transformation of every learner.

I just hope that the parents, too will take part in that big role, forming their children to wrap in all its values and moral lessons with them who act as the first and would act as their FIRST at all times.

Indeed, life is not that easy and it is not that complicated. If parents will pay close attention to the needs of their children emotionally and spiritually, then they will know that why their children become an addict or the most targeted terrorist now will always lead and question them as they don't pay much closer attention to the needs of their children.

Their faults now, their children's mess forever.

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