Friday, November 18, 2011

In Writing

Oftentimes I do observed that I am abusive to myself. Why on Earth I am getting things more complicated. That is what I have felt that others tell to me. But they are wrong! It is just that I do endless writing jobs, making reports, do researches and even accomplish day-to-day goals. I mean, I usually take that as part of my life, a habit and now it becomes a "vice"?

I asked myself, "Why am I working hard?", "What is this for?" What if one day time comes that I will pay for the price of paying much for being abusive, that I have done of not being able to rest and stop for awhile.

There are times that I feel so disappointed of not being able to write for a day. In fact, I felt so miserable when I don't have words and if I can't be able to share my ideas and thoughts, I feel useless and worthless.

Some of my colleagues said that I look like I am in the late 30's or 40's, but I don't mind them for I know we have various goals in life that makes us look pretty "young" or "old. And writing defines me that their definition, I guess.

The moment that I have discovered that I have such talent as like this, writing, I never think twice to share them. My ideas speak more than that. My pen and the stroke of its mark tell more of me to them. It is like my life and I can't live a day without telling the world that, "Oh! This is me. This is what I have felt. This is what I want to impart." Sounds weird, but that is just simply the way I am.

Because of this unique talent in me, I have been travelling and well-traveled to various emotions and realizations in life that even one hair strand, the tiniest dusts or the most disgusted feeling of rejection, I put them to writing.

What I am heading for in writing is that the worth of my inner self is being heard and it is given a portion to be known. I don't have much problem about, if I am running out of words for the words just come so naturally. It is like a quick snap of a finger or a big, "OH!"

Being able to write defines me. I the expression in today's generation, a part of the century and a trademark of writers who have one common bond of cause, to be heard and get heard.

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