Friday, November 11, 2011

It's Michelle's birthday!

Today I wake up early and if it could not because of the other people greeting her, I almost forgot that today is the birthday of my friend, Michelle. Then, I leave a message greeting her.

I don't intentionally choose to almost forgot this day that I was almost forgetting her birthday. Thanks that it is not too late to greet her.

Michelle is my friend in school. She is married and she has 2 kids. She is really that hardworking for her family.

In school, I can see the vigor of her strength because no matter how hard the work is, she dedicatedly sacrifice everything for the sake of her children. I can see that in her. She is really a brave woman.

I give recognition of her for making me then realize that realities like being married and have two kids makes her do and work hard for her family. It is such a kind of reflection that I have learned that life is never easy.

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