Monday, December 26, 2011

My December 23-25, 2011

I excitedly went home last December 23, 2011 in the morning, but I took a ride late that morning. There were many people who were also waiting for a ride at the highway. I was with my 4th year students before and we were enjoyingly take a multicab ride to reach our destination. 

I bought lots of things as I went home. I had bought canned goods and other things for food. Indeed, reaching home, I was very happy. I find relaxation. But there is that big problem which erases that portion of my so-called "relaxation". The foot of my sister got that fungal infection. It looks like it was peeled off. I was in much headache of what to do and of what medicine is the best for that infection. 

I got all those hot water and mixed with lukewarm water. I wiped her foot with a cloth with the mixtures of those waters. I also put other solution such as ethel alcohol and betadine but I was just desperately upset. None of those items gives the cure. 

That is why, the following day, my father and I went to the hospital to ask help from the expert dermatologist on what is the best thing for my sister's foot, of her fungal infection of the foot. The doctor is very kind. She is perfectly nice and wonderful. She even gave me a free anti-fungal cream. She is really nice. She recommended me to buy the kind of other anti-fungal cream for my sister's foot. 

My father and I bought the medicine. We skipped eating lunch so that we can buy the medicine. Our money is not enough for the fare and the medicine. We budget them. 

Reaching home, I was quite in a secured feeling. I have the cream with me and I am sure that my sister will be okay. I immediately washed my hands and I cleaned the scar of my sister. It was terrifyingly a pity. The fungal infliction seems to scatter the whole of her foot. I am very much worried for her. I then do all the advices that the dermatologists is telling me. 

On this morning, my sister's foot is quite okay. She is feeling okay now. But I need to observed her for months. 

Thanks that despite I am not that happy this Christmas, I know that I can  be of great help to my sister. I love her so much!

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