Tuesday, December 20, 2011

In their eyes (Typhoon Sendong of Cagayan de Oro City)

In their hands. In the morning. People are busy.

Because of typhoon Sendong...

On the arrival of the outreach area, I have seen hungry mouths asking for help to be fed. They are waiting for food, for blessings to fill their stomach, for water to quench their thirst, for clothes to wrap their body, for shelter to protect them from the heat of the sun.

I was moved and touched looking at those children whose eyes are asking quickly for food, extending their arms and asking for more water. In their eyes, I could see the reflection of Christ who are really needy. In their eyes, I could see the very pain and tears of their hearts with no assurance on where to stay for that very night, of where are they going for tomorrow, or what's next of their lives.

They are really pitiful. Those dirty hands, those muddy feet and body, those small shanties.

It is like their Christmas is like "Where are you Christmas?" They are helpless. The houses are devastatingly in the state of unhealthy condition. There are mud everywhere. It is like you are in a world with mud soil that when you step on it, you will swiftly flown from the inside. 

The faces of the people are wandering in search of food and water. They are really pitiful. I can't hardly imagine their lives after the disaster. It is that hard to build again their missed homes and livelihood. Such kind of world as like that is not that easy to build up. It takes years for them to be okay. It takes time for them to build their stable shelters again. 

The children doesn't care on washing their hands as they take the food which we have shared to them. They grabbly eaten all the food greedily as if they are really saving their lives from hunger. There are also a part on the place where the burial is there. It is situated on the small "barong-barong" shelter. There are those that do forms many lines in order to get the food that the volunteers gave to them. They lack more on water. 

My heart tears as I saw them. I emphatize their experience and I can't imagine if that will happen to me too. I don't know what should I suppose to do. I don't know if I can survive in that kind of situation. But good thing that the help of the other people are then arriving. I thought what would life be for them as the night is about to appear in that day. I was really in tears. I can't imagine their situation. They are helpless and needy. Their Christmas is not that happy. They need more help. 

I am very much in tears looking at them. 

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