Friday, December 30, 2011

Preparing for New Year

Today sets the most of the preparation for welcoming the midnight entrance of the New Year, 2012. The people are going home from their long stay in the city or to their destination to celebrate the fresh year. 

I am one of those rushing individuals who always think of going home when special occasion comes. Yesterday, the people are like colony of ants in the bus station. They are busily going to and fro, here and there. 

Now, at last I am home. But this doesn't mean that I have to take a rest. I have to do the general cleaning and the make-over of the entire house as preparing food on the next in line of my-to-do lists. 

My sister and I woke up early this morning and we went instantly to the market to complete the 12 kinds of fruit practices and belief in celebrating the new year right. As many say, it is for good luck and success in living for 2012. Actually, that is the practice here in the Philippines. 

I see to it that I will be able to communicate to my sister in the US so that I can greet her. But I was waiting for her to be online. She's not online and so I was making my message, dropping it to her email address. Though we haven't able to chat on that day, I  am sure she will be able to read my messages. 

Preparation in the coming new year is this exciting. I am like those busy "colony of ants" who are making sure that they have all they need to prepare for welcoming the new year right.

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