Sunday, December 11, 2011

What to give this Christmas?

Last Tuesday during our Personnel Club meeting, there was a box that was passed to us and in it was the lists of names. Then, I thought, this is the "kringle, kringle" thing. We picked stripped papers with names on it. Those we picked are the names in which we are going to give gift to. 

I was so excited to pick. I hand-over my hands on that box and then I finally have the paper. On it is the printed text on the person whom I am going to give present with. 

Upon reading the name, it suddenly gives me the immediate thought, "What should I give to this person?" I don't really know the person well in terms of what that person likes. Then, I come out with my senses of asking his friends. In that way, I could be able to ask for help. 

Indeed, it is really a hard time for me on what should I decide to give to my "kringle". The person doesn't probably want make-up or beauty stuff nor love books...I guess! 

But his friends told me that he used to wear sling bags and that he likes it. I thought of thinking that that should probably be the best thing to buy for him. 

I thought of something that would amazed him. I am thinking of many things to choose from but what worries me is that maybe he will not like it. 

Now, I come up with a decision that I will be the one to finally choose on what to give. I don't care if he will not like it. But that thing that I will give to him is that is what I want for him...but I do hope that he likes it. (This is the hardest fact of giving to a person whom I don't totally know deep.) Whew...!

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