Thursday, December 27, 2012

Storm Sandy: A Christmas Reflection

Last October, 2012, the month set that strikes storm Sandy in New York. People are devastatedly in great chaos and turmoil. A lot of houses and properties shut down into destruction. There is a power interruption. People are clamoring for help, help and more help. This natural disaster havoc lives, inflicting people of all ages.

Reflecting from the past happening that this storm has brought, even though I am not the victim, but recalling to see the various reactions and emotions felt by many crowds, my heart still captures the fresh scene.

Christmas, this year always reminds me of blessings. That in spite of the calamities this country experiences, still, I am thankful that I am alive, healthy and well, saved from any disasters. I am thankful that people especially those who are victim of the storm Sandy has recovered and are now rebuilding their lives to normal. Even though, there are many who are wounded and few are die, but still, Christmas heals those who are feeling the great loss and frustrations the disaster claims to happen.

When such natural disaster strikes a country, it is inevitable to stop. The only great grip that one holds on to is the kind of love and understanding with acceptance to fully move on and still hope in spite of the tremendous chaos Sandy brings.

The different faces portrayed in the event is so serious and true. I wish that people are now recovering.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Is it necessary to make a wish during Christmas?

Wishes can be made everyday of your life. But for me, I do believe that special occasion such as Christmas makes me whole when I say my wishes to Jesus Christ who made Christmas the meaning of His presence.

Last Christmas day, on the midnight of that day, I never doubt to write my prayer and wishes on my Diary notebook. It has been my practiced that ever since before, when occasion such as Christmas comes, I always make sure that I have something to share and ask for from Him in my Diary. And so I did.

I never ask for material possessions, but rather, I ask for eternal happiness out from involving other people for me to help with. I ask for the realizations of my dreams and healing of my eyes. I ask for the peace within each heart that all nations will comes to unite and accept God, the Father of all. I pray for life that people will show and appreciate each other's presence. I pray for me of having the spirit to help and extend more in helping others, of not getting tired and getting ill. I always pray for what this life could ever have. I seek the presence of God at all times, making me accept and understand what lies ahead for me in this life.

I hold on to hope as I utter in prayers and wishes that may all what I hope for will do come true. And I believe that Christmas wishes do really come true. 

Monday, December 24, 2012

The world of true, excellent and realiable Plumbing Services

It is apparently the most ideal that once people want to establish something, it all comes with the right choice and the quality equipment. Longevity and comfort spell the kind of nature people always up to when getting the most out from building something.

To own an establishment, a house, a building, an abode, etc. apt people to always put the best out from its totality. In the world of the plumbing services, the most of the reasons that plumbers or builders grasp to always keep in mind is the safety, comfort, quality and the kind of happiness owners and their families could enjoy out from their plumbing works of building those establishments.

Owners, furthermore, never rest in the kind of services that settle just merely for the "sake of", instead they always adheres to the best. And the best and only the best among the rest when it comes to the world of plumbing services to add up to in one's property is through the total efforts and quality services that only could only offfer.

It is the kind of the quality materials that makes the choice a perfect match in dealing with plumbing services. They always give the best out from what they build through the kind of materials they use to in building that would let owners live not for a short plumbing services, but to let them enjoy what quality lifetime of plumbing services is all about.

To own a property takes people to really grasp and land into the right choice. It is a sort of a gamble that once bought, owners now do take the consequence. In, the consequence always bring good choice of materials, quality services for a better, comfortable and truthful living. 


Saturday, December 22, 2012

Health is wealth: I have realized it.

When health problems strikes the body, the most that people can think of is that to preserve one's health because life is so precious and it comes just once.

The past few weeks keep me struggling about a certain problem that really makes me very down and feeling somewhat like useless and worthless. My eyes are the target of its infliction. I have been trying to find better solutions in order to ease the pain and its redness and so my doctor prescribed me something.

I have realized that such problem like in the eyes is not that cool. I struggle from it like almost everyday and I don't want to go outside the house because people will always catch to notice the very most of my eyes and I don't want them to ask me always about it.

It is really a struggle and even until this time, there is a sort of redness still. I am finding ways to clear my eyes and be more optimistic in spite of this bad condition that I am experiencing.

I know I will be totally okay in time! Indeed, health is the very main thing that is very important to take care of.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Installment and Bad Credit Loans

In life, there are some needs that we need to augmently do our must to strive doing and attaining them. And for some reasons, it is only when we have the money that we will be able to have them.

Because of the various needs that people do really need like our basic, shelter, clothing, work, travel needs, etc., there is a point that the balance of accomplishing them always require the need to save more and even spend less. But always the case, we are running out of cash.

That is why, there is a set of help that truly leads us to the right direction of making our life, not a mess with all these problems in money. The installment loan serves to help individuals to really spend more without worrying what is next. There is also what we call the bad credit loan that helps us to fully take the time to buy all our needs because they fully understand that man need to live in order to survive. There are also anything loans at any forms that would help us fulfill what our needs require us to have.

It is in the right direction that life is guided with the kind of help that truly helps. With securing the best loans ever, we are sure that there is no worries about tomorrows!

I hope everything will be fine.

I always am hopeful that I can be able to regain back my good eyesight. I have realized to pause for many times in resting my eyes when doing some things which needs the use of my eyes. I have all the things in this life to see, those wonderful things that lets me know that I exist with a purpose.

I felt very impotent because I feel like useless and even worthless that this eye problem havocs on me all the time. I hope that I can be able to proceed with my life's activities and be able to tell the world that I am indeed worthy and with a purpose. I want to see more what life really means. I hope that Lord will ever heal me.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The solution for bad credit. Here's how.

It is obviously a big problem when one runs out of money. The huge daily needs of people copes to find where to ask for help especially when there is no enough money to accommodate to supply the needs of man. But this problem is not always usual and it will not always be. There is indeed an absolute solution that would always direct people to the right direction.

How to avail for the right direction? Well you have to start here! You need to get started and apply now!

Friday, November 30, 2012

I have sore eyes.

I wasn't expecting this could happen to me. Yesterday, it was so itchy and minty. But now, the red are coming and it is even more. I am suffering much itchiness and I can't tolerate to look at the lights directly.

As far as I can remember. What triggers me probably of me having sore eyes is when I do lots of make-up last Thursday for our activity in the school. My teacher wants all of us ladies to do the make-up thing that really impressible. And so what I did, I apply much on the face.

I am not used to putting make-up even hard ones. I am just exposing the real face of me, with no make-up on mostly in school. And here goes our presentation. My eyes get irritated. Right from the start I was so comfortable with my make-up because I don't want that my eyes will be irritated. This I find the cause why I suffer much right now of having sore eyes.

What I do right now is to get over this sore eyes so that I will be going to school next week with no questions from my classmates on what is happening. Sore eyes makes me feel ill!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Best and Affordable Eyeglasses

Good vision is important that a person has gotten into the colorful world, a chance to see what actually the world look like. But there are some people that people do suffer poor vision and the problem of their eyes should need the right eyeglasses.

Eyeglasses are helpful in many ways. As people grows older, the capacity for our eyes to give its maximum sight also deteriorate. In another way as well, when a person suffers poor eyesight right as he progresses to live life from young to old, he should vest the right kind of eyeglasses for him to be able to actually see in clear sight the things that this world gives.

It is a big problem when one is looking sight, but there is a sure way to correct them, eyeglasses.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Shawnee National Forest in Illinois, Chicago, USA

It was named from an American Indian tribe who once lived in the place. In fact, "Shawnee" means "southern" in the Algonquian language. It views with the vast hills and dense forest in southernmost Illinois between Ohio and Mississippi Rivers. It is where North and South and East and West display a rocky formation and natural views.

The glacial runoff packed with ice and stone carved out the place's interest. This view more such as the Little Grand Canyon. There is the River-to-River Trail that goes through Battery Rock on the Ohio River to Devil's Backbone Park in Grand Tower on the Mississippi.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What I hate in waiting.

I expected to be okay this day. I am excited to go to school but it seems that the start of school day is not getting excited for me. I am really bored on waiting for my teachers to come. But the enrollment is not yet done and so, there is no other way but to wait for the class to push through.

In waiting especially when one is expecting, it feels like I am in the verge of getting disappointed as well as regretful because it seems that I did not do something for this day and all my time is wasted doing nothing but just sitting down and waiting for the clock to tick until it gets dark.

I feel bored. I don't want to end up this day just merely staring, looking and doing nothing because it makes me impotent and unsatisfied. I feel really disgusted because I know that the time is wasted and the teachers are not here.

In waiting, it downs me a lot. In waiting, I don't want to spoil my day but there is nothing I can do because there is nothing to do really. I hate this day. I hate to wait in line. I hate that my teachers are not in the class. I hate that there is no class. I hate it a lot!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

When selfishness strikes within the self.

It is apparently so deep to help and all the life you have is helping and the people don't try to understand. It is so disgusting to grow in the world where it seems that it is only me always have the must to work hard. It seems that my body is dying. Suffer from various illnesses, I don't try to decipher what lies ahead in the minds of many when the request for help is so meager to be given.

I almost can think that I will not help anymore. In times like I need help, there is no one there. All my life is living in a world where all I do is for the betterment for all but it seems that there is no help. I hate this kind of world.

I am like dying but no one sees to feel me!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Visa prepaid debit: The right solution in every situation.

At all times people do need the right solution especially in terms of credits and pertaining to such matter. Good thing that there is an option that is indeed wise and helpful in attaining the needs of every individual to secure the right thing at all times.

Visa prepaid debit lets people from all over the world to secure and properly spend money in a way that they are not in a burden of suffering from credits. The process is wholesomely worthwhile and it embraces the people's side of letting them know how to spend wisely and reasonably without even getting too much credits here, there and everywhere.

With Visa prepaid debit, it simply shows the way to the right kind of business!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Feeling the need to help..."Sandy" Storm in the US

Indeed, when natural calamity strikes a country, it doesn't need the sole force of the people to hinder its cause of distractions for no one can possibly do that. What has left is to let it do its thing and of course, the causes are that so hard to accept.

Seeing the place of New York is indeed a beautiful part in the US. It is a place of bountiful entertainments and media, and of course, I can say that it all has it all! But in a sudden, it feels like everything turns out to be not so very fine.

The kind of disaster that "Sandy" brought to New York and to its neighboring places donates a huge horrible impact that spells total and extreme downfall of what progressive New York seem to look like. It simply make everything what New York has founded to build, in a manner of a "lost" and totally devastated.

Seeing the people struggle is so hard to make a fun because in a first place, there is nothing to be funed off! I really took pity to all of them especially to those lives has been shattered and were lost.

Indeed, no one can have all the powerful force to stop "Sandy" from causing its bad omen. But in the end, all will be okay because people instinctly finds its way to fully make everything fine!

Monday, October 29, 2012

Food that makes one's stomach full.

When I am hungry, I turned satisfying my hunger with this kind of food which is my favorites ones.

I go for these kinds because it gives me the kind of energy that I get out from my eating. It uplifts my hunger into real satisfaction. It nourishes my appetite of eating more. It invigorates myself of happily attaining what I really want to put into my stomach.

This is the ideal food for the Filipino like me.These food are:



bread and coffee

 These all are always the prefect match in order to have a good eating appetite!

Saturday, October 27, 2012

North Orleans Northshore, Covington and Environs, Louisiana, USA

If you want to experience bustling communities with an appealing belnd of big-city sophistication and small-town charm, Northshore has it all!

It is St. Tammany Parish town of Covington, Slidell and Mandeville with its groves of pine trees and nature preserves highlights the place's main view. The Tammany Place bike path also provides cyclists, joggers and walkers easy access to the area. Furthermore, Annadele's Plantation where magnolias shade lawns serve as overlooking the Bogue Falaya River. In Folsom, people can see the prestigious Pontchartrian Vineyards and Winery. Indeed, there are lots more to discover about North Orleans Northshore and it's for real!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Done with the TFN activity

My sister together with her classmates had the Variety Show in connection with their subject in Theoretical Foundation in Nursing yesterday with their instructor, Professor Darlene Soriano, RN, MN.

I know for sure that she is having a very good time in the presentations as well as she has the time to take post with her teacher. Their Variety Show portrays the life of the various nursing theorists and their theory which they incorporate the show on how they view the concepts, ideas and information presented by the different theorist. They have also invited some guests to witness their show and the two visitors also had their short talk.

Good thing that their professor really like their presentation because it was lovely and done so greatly well. In fact, their teacher was not able to expect that they will come up with that kind of a huge presentation.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Knowing the Truth

This day is like a shocking day for me. My friend told me that I have a goiter. I confirmed it to my other friends and they told me just the same, I have a goiter.

I was in the state of denial because I suspected for having a goiter but I thought that it is just something to do with the problem of my throat that I can't swallow that much and I do experience coughing. I thought what I have felt is not the kind that would lead to a serious goiter problem. Now, I am sad, so sad that I feel like a failure.

I didn't expect this would happen to me. I felt like this is the end of my life. I feel like I need to earn more and work even harder so that I can be able to sustain myself from getting away of this goiter. I don't want to think more on this but I am not able to get away of always thinking of "I have a goiter." I would love to know that my friends are just joking, but I guess they are right. I couldn't stand on this. I hope that I can be able to accept the fact and face this problem. I am now quite in the point of self-denial.

Having known the real thing, the truth really hurts. Now, I am feeling that. Now, I am like without hope. Now, I am like a disease to myself. It is just so sad that this is happening to me. I start questioning, "Does God love me?", "Why He lets me give this?"  Now, I should not suppose to ask that. I am that bad for asking God, where in fact, it is my fault.

I would like to amuse myself of thinking not so deeply about this problem. But I just can't quit from thinking. I feel like I am the most worthless person in this world. My friends told me that goiter is a serious disease that could lead to the bulging and protruding of the eyes. I hope that I will not come to that state. What I am thinking right now is that, I will try my best to find better solution for this.

I have searched through the Internet about goiter, and I have found out that it is not cancerous. I will just have to eat seafood, shell, shrimp and iodized salt in order to heal this. I am positive on my pursuit for total healing. I don't want to have an operating procedure on this but I do really care to find better solution for this. I know I can make it. Indeed, truth really hurts and that is a fact!

Monday, October 15, 2012

A little but worthy request to a teacher.

Examination is here. It is the time where I dwell into the final test whether I will be able to proceed to my next level in the second semester or will I be left behind. Apparently, it is a sad experience for someone who in the first day of the school is ever trying so hard in order to pursue college life with all its best in burning candles everyday.

I am in the point of always relying myself to do good in school. Of course, I don't want that my parents will get disappointed with me because of not doing well in school. Tuition is high. The miscellaneous is not a joke. The other school fees are that big and of course, my everyday allowance is also that big aspect for my parents' part to send me to school everyday and I just drop the subject for selfish reason. That is of course, NO WAY!

When examination comes, there are lots of preparations students do really do. Study here and there. Studying more and even harder. But not so good for those who study less and always rely to cheating here and there.

I hate students who do cheat especially during examination and even quizzes. It is so unfair on my part that I study a lot and they are just getting high grades because they are like cheating. Oftentimes professor doesn't know about the cheating business that is rampantly spreading in the classroom. I don't think our professor doesn't give a damn of not minding them, but it seems like the technique is that hard to recognize. But me, I am very observant to my classmates who do cheat in the class. I know all their ways. I know all their plans. It is so unfair for me because they are getting a high score because of easy business and me, I am honestly doing my part as a student. But I don't of course, would like to follow their cruel ways. I don't cheat.

That is why, I ask little but worthy request to my teacher that whenever he gives a quiz or an examination day comes, all the students should placed their bags in front of the classroom. The cell phones and other gadgets must be placed inside the bag. Only the questionnaire with its extra sheet must be on the table with pens as well. The hands should be inspected with the teacher. The teacher should here and there passes through in order to monitor the students. All those people in the back should occupy the front seats. And there are lots of things that teachers can do in order to expect a well-smooth and honest examination that is free from cheating.

I am so happy that my teacher imply all of those good things that he should do in order to enjoy a fair and honest examination.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Chemical Reaction

Number 2

Number 1

Number 3

Number 4

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sample Posters

This is some of the sample posters which were made by the students. I decided to capture them because I find it helpful especially for those who would like to find ideas on what posters are all about. 

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Getting the Empirical and Molecular Formula

Our professor taught us the right process of getting the Empirical and Molecular Formula of the Compounds. Here is the sample problem that she showed us.

The problem is:
Given the following percent composition 26.50% K, 35.37% Cr and 39.10% O, determine the empirical and molecular formula of the compound if the molar mass of the compound is 294 6/mol.

Step  1: State the given.
% mass of K = 26.50%
% mass of Cr = 35.37%
% mass of O = 39.10%

Step 2: Convert percent to grams by copying the percent value and write grams.
% mass of K = 26.50%  = 26.50 g.
% mass of Cr = 35.37% = 35.37 g.
% mass of O = 39.10% = 39.10 g.

Step 3: Calculate the number of moles by multiplying the atomic weights to the individual masses.

mol of K = 26.50 g x 1 mol/40.00 g = 0.66 mol
mol of Cr = 35.37 g x 1 mol/52.00 g = 0.68 mol
mol of O = 39.10 g x 1 mol/16.00 g = 2.44 mol 

Step 4: Look for the smallest number of mole and use it as a divisor to obtain a whole number ratio.
In the problem, the smallest number of mole is of K which is 0.66 mol.

K = 0.66 mol/ 0.66 mol = 1
Cr = 0.68 mol/0.66 = 1.03
O = 2.44 mol/0.66 mol = 3.69
Empirical Formula is KCrO4

Step 4: Compute for the empirical mass based on the empirical formula, then add the answer.
K = 1 x 40.00 g/mol = 40.00 g/mol
Cr = 1 x 52.00 g/mol = 52.00 g/mol
O = 4 x 16.00 g/mol = 64.00 g/mol
Empirical Mass = 156 g/mol

Step 5: Compute for "n", to solve for Molecular Formula.
n = molar mass/empirical mass
n = 294 g/mol/156 g/mol
n = 1.88
n = 2

Molecular Formula = n(E.F.)
Molecular Formula = 2 (KCrO4)
M. F. = K2Cr2O8

There you go. I hope that I have helped you in some other way in getting the empirical and molecular mass of compounds.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

"Life is not lived, one has to live life." (Philosophy of Human Person)

We live in our own lives. We are the sole master of our own soul. Man's purpose of existence boils to his vocation to serve, making the others his top priority which he puts himself last.

Life is not lives which clearly view that there is no sole pattern or exact points that man all his life will remain in extreme poverty or misfortunes and end up hopeless all his life. Man has choices to do what he wants to do in his life.

One has to live life as the way he makes it. Life is the way we make it. Since man is the master of his soul, through his desired vocation, he chooses to be such because that is the kind of life he wanted to be. One has to live life the way he wanted it positively. He draws himself to positive and pleasant choices that will drive him to further define the kind of vocation he wanted to be.

No one dictates him to do something which he ought to do. No one will force him or command him to live a life according to what they say. No one lives in a structured, patterned life. Life takes in its fullest happiness and enjoyment based on one an dhow one forms his life - as life the way he makes it. One has to live life always looks, adheres, aspires and attains the positive principles in living life. The way one pushes harder and going out form his limits or comfort zones through breaking-through in positive ways share the kind of life one makes it. One has to live life always seeks to do the positives. Thus, in this way, he is living more than his life. 

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Rise of Europe: Society in the Middle Ages (World Civilization)

The discussion that we had in the class of our Humanities subject boils to the topic about the "Society in the Middle Age". Here are the gathered facts that I have taken down notes:

1. Agricultural Revolution
-from Feudalism, it went to agriculture
*Plow - wooden to iron, animal driven - important animals are the oxen and the horses 
*Watermill and Windmill are the signature of their livelihood
*The discovery of Agriculture paved way for the adaption of peasant.
*3 Field System views 3 varieties of crops:
1. beans     2. legumes     3. peas   (these are important for the diet of the peasant which they can only afford)

2. Commercial Revolution
-Venice is the trading center
-businesses flourished - banks, merchants are there, money reappeared,bills
-Bill of Exchange - law protect consumers' rights

-Social Changes: 1. new business established    2. transfer merchant of Europe
-Guild - created business, associate in the town, pass law, make laws
-Woman are important for the guild because they are the ones who records, keeps documents, etc.
...Then city-life flourished.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

How does physical attractiveness affect sexual relation?

Part of the quiz that our professor in Philosophy of Human Person (subject) demands us to really express what is on our mind regarding the question that circled more on the topic of Physical Attractiveness. Here is my answer to the question he raised in the quiz:

Physical attractiveness is the degree of regarding man as pleasantly beautiful through his physical traits. A beautiful woman with elegant dress who is tall and has a shiny hair may always imply men to be attracted to her. Thus, also in another way, man who is handsome, with good body built and good posture will always magnetize women to be attracted to him. The feeling of appreciation always imply certain force that captures the senses that those handsome men or women will be magnetized on how they perceive the physical looks of a certain man as their main object. There may be involvement of lustful desire or just mere admiration for the pleasantness displayed in the physical attractiveness of a person which can also be based on how men or women view it. But it always involved attraction out form the attractiveness being displayed. 

Monday, September 17, 2012

Regulatory T Cells

The human body and all other living organisms in this world do live and prolong its existence because of the most basic unit that makes people truly alive. It is the cells that make people activate and survive. The cells which compose the body makes people live.

The regulatory t cells  found as the most effective cells that could treat the autoimmune disease and even cancer diseases. Regulatory T Cells simply suppress immune responses of the other cells make it work in order to attack cells-carrying diseases. Because of the discovery of this regulatory t cells which ultimately give the highest help in preserving health and giving justice to patient in a most helpful ways, Science makes it a point to study the regulatory t cells and its functions in order to attain better understanding and processes that surely would make another great invention of prolonging life and sustaining the living organism's life processes especially to humans that has been the center-point of the discovery of this wonder regulatory t cells.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Medical Terminology (The Nervous System)

My professor in Medical Terminology 1 taught us about the various medical terms in the nervous system. Here are some that I have take down notes:

Nervous System
-is an organ system containing a network of specialized cells called neurons that coordinate the actions and transmit signals between different parts of its body.

-is the body's information processor, without this highly advanced information and communication system, the body can't function.

It has 2 parts:
1. central nervous system - the brain and the spinal cord
2. peripheral nervous system - cranial and spinal nerves

Root Words and its Meaning:
1. neuro - nerve
2. cerebro/encephalo - brain
3. psycho/mento - mind
4. mania - madness
5. phobia - fear
6. esthesia - feeling of sensation
7. cranio/crani - cranium
8. gnosis/gno/gnosia - know, learn, discern

Medical Terms:
1. Neuropathy - any disease of the peripheral nerves, usually causing weakness and numbness.
2. Neurogenesis - the growth and development of nerve cells
3. Neurotomy - surgical procedure of sewering a nerve, the cutting of a nerve, as to relieve neuralgia
4. Nueralgia - sharp and paroxysmal pain along the course of a nerve
5. Hydrophobia - an abnormal or unnatural dread of water
6. Pyrophobia - fear of fire

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Wedding Cake Toppers

"Yes, I do!"

These sweet words are the sole witness of many crowds who witness the most memorable and extraordinary event that is happening to every man's life. And because of these words, it needs the sole and most grand preparation for it always drives the kind of commitment that spells lifetime happiness and togetherness as couple.

That is why, in order to make the occasion the spotlight of the main once-in-a-lifetime event, wedding cake toppers assure to give the audience, the bride and groom's friends, families and visitors a spark of amazement that even in the kind of wedding cake toppers, it simply reveal totally amazing.

Wedding celebrations are not to be taken for granted. It is the most exciting experience a bride and groom ever cherish and it always entails the quality kind of preparations most particularly the wedding cake toppers that also sets a big role of the wedding day celebration's meaning.

What is Ethical Hedonism? (Philosophy of Human Person)

Man must not seek pleasure but ought to do because pleasure alone is good. At first, he needs to feel the pain but in the end, he will be happy. He will have to sacrifice for tomorrow, he will surely reap the fruit of his harvest. He will reap the food of his labor.

This belongs to dynamic pleasure. In any kinds of pains whether it can be physical, emotional, spiritual, mental or social pain, he must find meaning in them because through pain, he will surely understand the deeper meaning of life.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wedding Decorations

Wedding celebration should not be harsh. All should sail smoothly, fine and carefree. And it can be made possible in great preparation and of course, advance planning.

Everyone wants to enjoy the lifetime memories of keeping the best times in their lives such a welcoming and indeed happiest experience ever and always wedding celebration always connotes a perfect icon for that matter.

Thus, there is no worry where to seek for the sophisticated, elegant and ever quality wedding decorations that spark every family and visitors' eyes during one's wedding celebration. It all right at the many choices of wedding decorations to choose from and it is all available in here!

Philosophy of Human Person "Man as-a-being at the world"

Man is not a passive existence in the world, rather he is always active. His existence is participatory. He plays an active part in molding the world worthy of man. He is not only living, he is an actor. His life is in activity. Man is a worker. In this sense, man has the essential dialogue between him at the world. He lives behind his accomplishments. He has the ability to appreciate, to work to the world and to break through the world.

Wedding Decorations

Worried about where to seek for help in planning for the ultimate experience for your wedding day? Indeed, it is not a big problem!

Wedding cake toppers, wedding favors and wedding decorations are the most important aspects to have in a wedding celebration. And one should not find it a problem where to rely for the perfect best out from these things in order to create the super memorable wedding celebration.

Wedding celebration should not serve as a big problem. Proper planning always entails the right armor to experience the happiest moments of the lovers' life who decide to settle down for the rest of their lives in marriage. The big consideration is to put everything in the right planning and preparation. And in terms of wedding decorations, there is in fact, many to choose from.

Philosophy of Human Person: "Man as-being-in the world"

The first consideration should be that man is definitely related to his own existence in the physical world. To influence others, influenced by others and man is thrown into the world because of his physical existence of which he did not choose to be thrown into this kind of world. He can't be conceived in the world except the world today. He can't live in the world outside the world he lives in. Man's existence is atone in the present world.

His physicality is designed. He can't exist in the world. The moment he is in the world, the determinism that he can't control manifest in him because of rationality. He can do this outside the determinist. He must rely to his body and his relation to his body.

In this situation, therefore, man is not his body but he is somebody. Man is not a thing, but he is someone. To exist is to stand out. He controls the world because man is related for the world. Man is influencing others as others influenced him as well.

Employee Engagement

Every business stands not just for money or capital alone but it erects out from the presence of the most ideal and important component of every transaction, Employee Engagement.

It can't be denied that the success of a company and any kinds of business drives to the sole concept that that there is someone that exists to rule the process. The existence of that unique someone who is capable of leading the entire people into a force of positive, creative and innovation directions ultimately brings every company not in a downfall but always sours high above and even beyond its limits.

Employee Engagement is the key word. It is the most kept partnership that build trust and unity among fellow workers in a certain business, company or firm. The smooth relationship of each worker donate a huge role in the success of every business whether it be small or big business. Thus, the role of the leaders always focus on the idea of Employee Engagement for in engaging themselves for everyone means a huge part in the foundation of a solid victory even until years and more years to come.

The secret of every business lies in the employees as they engage themselves in cooperating with the leaders and the leaders engaging themselves in making a positive communication of reaching out to its members.

Philosophy of Human Person: "Man has a super-temporal dimensions"

Man in the end will find the highest expression of the world which is to conform to what is good, true and moral. And that only the man is a moral being. He is a person. Man knows what is good and bad according to the dictates of his conscience. Thus, this kind of characteristics in man make him distinct from the other animals. Only man has the sole power of extraordinary thinking that resides to radiate his sole choice of doing what is good and neglect doing what is bad.

Event Management Software

When in terms of business, it all boils down to quality service, smooth transactions, perfect planning and of course, technologically updated and competent software.

No one wants to gamble enjoying what kind of services that make every endeavors in a slow, snail motion. Today's advancement always rely ultimate and solely to what directly meets the instant needs and demands of the people which of course sheltered to embrace quality, reliability and effectiveness. And these perfect services are mainly reflected with the help of Event Management Software which makes people's every transaction, a reality and a big possibility of quality, fast and reasonable services anytime, anywhere around the world. In this manner, there is proper communication that leads to individuals, making every business a solid path in furthering success and progress more and more each day.

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What was the Renaissance?

It was the time of creativity and ultimate change in political, economic, cultural and even political aspects. It simply lures to the changes that took place in the way people viewed themselves and their world. It is the time of "rebirth" after the disunity of the medieval times.

Latin still is the language of the Church and of educated people. Renaissance simply produce new attitudes toward learning and culture. They are eager to explore the richness and variety of human experience. This time is indeed sets persons with talents in many fields. It is so because of the wide-range of curiosity that led the people to explore the new worlds which writers and artists were the products of adventurous spirits.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sand Ceremony

"Two become one"

This phrase always entails unity which is shared by two and unite as one. This is mostly dominant in every wedding celebration and the main highlight always goes with the idea of sand ceremony.

Sand ceremony has been the ever memorable part in a wedding celebration as well, for it symbolizes the couple's love and commitment in one through marriage. They can select the color of the sand during the unity sand ceremony that perfectly signify their choice.

This celebration is simple yet it is sophisticated for it implies full of meaning as two become one forever.        

Philosophy of Human Person: "Man has a super temporal dimensions." (Explanation)

Man in the end will find the highest expression of the world. He conforms to what is good, true and moral. Man is the only moral being. He is a person. He knows what is right and wrong through his conscience.

Personalized Napkins

Wedding celebration is all about the communion of two lovers who decide to take a vow in great love and union as one. This wedding celebration is the most special part of both of them who take part in uniting together as bride and groom. Because of its grandest essence as it is special in one's lifetime, it is of most brilliant idea to make things personalized.

The personalized napkins give a spark of an extraordinary and brilliant idea that make the event more special and indeed memorable. In this manner, the depths of its essence surely imply super special. With the name of the bride and groom in the personalized napkins make the wedding celebration at its maximum level of perfect happiness and the implication always entails and imprints smiles of faces all around.

Philosophy of Human Person - "Man is a beginning and end" (Explanation)

Death should be a welcome to man. In death, we have an encounter of the Creator. The meaning of life must understand the meaning of death.

Death is the final separation of body and spirit. In death, we pass to another life. Death is the end of everything. It is a process by which a man will live again a welcomed life.

Wedding Cake Toppers

Wedding celebration always spells a memorable lifetime experience. In fact, to plan for a wedding celebration is always a good option in order to have the ever-smooth sailing wedding experience that ensures happiness for lifetime.

The things that play a huge role in a wedding celebration are the wedding cake toppers and they come from different styles. Wedding cake toppers display what kind of interest do you want to reveal for your wedding cake. It simply explains the kind of uniqueness you want to imply to others through your wedding cake toppers. In this way, all comes in the great preparation and the kind of wedding cake toppers also take big part in the success of your wedding day celebration.

Philosophy: Explanation regarding "Man is a being in a situation"

"Man is a being in a situation."

It defines solely the determinist of man's nature as well as man's capability to choose. Man doesn't have choices when they are young, but when they grow up as teenage or adults, they have the ability to rationalize. Man thinks and go over the determinism of nature. Man now has wisdom in order to determine the natural world. He knows to choose between right and wrong according to what he thinks best and what his heart dictates him to do. He exercise the determinist in him through making choices and to think deeply in any way in order to come up with the kind of solution or result. 

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who is Florence Nightingale

Florence Nightingale developed the first theory of nursing which is the "Environmental Model". She focused on the environment to place the patient in the best conditions for nature to act. She believed that the body could repair itself in a nurturing environment. Noise, nutrition, hygiene, light, comfort, socialization and hope are the factors that the environment do really has. On the other hand, she provided the nursing profession which is called "Legacy of Caring".

Nightingale said, "Nursing out to signify the proper use of fresh air, light, cleanliness, warmth, quiet and the proper selection and administration of diet - all at the least expense of vital power to the patient."

She was born in May 12, 1820 in Florence, Italy. She is from a wealthy and well-traveled family. She was expected to behave like every other Victorian lady and how to perfect hostess.

She had a great compassion and concern for people. She believed that she is called to serve humankind. At the age of 24, she helped the suffering masses and desired to work in the hospital which her idea was opposed by his family which they fought about it for a long time before allowing her to go to Kaiserworth, Germany to study nursing from the Institution of Deaconesses.

She served the wounded soldier during the Crimean War. Because of her works in reforming nursing, she was given the title, "Founder of the Modern Nursing." She believed that the person is a holistic human being.. She advocated that nursing is a spiritual calling which she assumed that nurses can help those clients who were spiritually distress.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Transporte Muenchen

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Kurier Service Muenchen understands that the main concern of their customers is to bring whole and serve them with quality for they simply understand that everything happens for a greater reason of living and enjoying what they themselves make out of their business. 

For fast, quality and super serviceable kind of deals, only Overnight Kurier brings every package or messages indeed a big aspects of happiness to both the part of the sender and the receiver. 

That is why, if you want to send anything in big or small amount or package, then you can never go wrong with Transporte Muenchen. 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Social and Moral concept of Cynicism and Stoicism

The quiz that I had last week about my Philosophy of Human Person subject is: Explain the concepts of Cynicism and Stoicism in the context of man's moral and social order. And here is my answer:

a. Cynicism 
Moral: A person should live a life in a simple but virtuous kind of life by leaving all his possessions behind, leaving his wealth, fame, power and selfish desires so he could share a virtuous kind of life in helping others to not feel insincere and distrustful about the world. 

Social: It was reflected that all products of civilization are worthless and that man must attain freedom by not thinking more of desires and selfish ways in attaining life - free oneself from any material and selfish possessions or desires. 

b. Stoicism 
Moral: What a person do is to do right things and perform them like helping others and when he finds a thing bad, don't do them to others. He should have the right conscience in doing things. 

Social: Persons should be indifferent or non-committal to do for things because no matter how he tries, God predestined his life according to God's plan. 

Friday, August 17, 2012

I am having my reaction paper quite done.

Making a reaction paper is like making a diary. All it takes is my opinion and all will be fine. The ideas will flow based on what I do really like to say. I love to have written what is my side of story based from the concepts of Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body.

There are lots of things to discuss and it all boils down to a sort of discussion that makes me aware and lets me know what is really the real story behind his teachings.

I have shown and express my reactions in many ways. I have been able to donate my ideas and have reacted in a manner that drives me to really express what I feel. I am that enthusiast enough to have mustered everything from what I would like to share. And now, I am on my halfway. 

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The Celibate Body

I have made an reaction about the topic that I have to discuss about Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body - The Celibate Body. Here are parts of my written composition:

Theology of the Body – the Celibate Body by Pope John Paul II: A Reaction Paper

            Pope John Paul II gave his first major teachings entitled “Theology of the Body”, a collection of 129 Wednesday audiences assesses that clearly view an in-depth Biblical reflection on the meaning of human embodiment as male and female. His teachings is in fact today’s still one of the Catholic Church’s most critical efforts to tell the world and become more conscious of the mystery and reality of human life.
            Part of Pope John Paul II’s teaching in the “Theology of the Body” deals on the Celibate Body which we, as a group are bound to circulate our reactions on this topic.
            Indeed, there are lots to say about “The Celibate Body” but our reaction gives views on topics that centers on Pope John Paul’s idea on “Virginity or Celibacy for the Sake of the Kingdom”.
            Analyzing from this point, it is better to add up the nature of sexuality and marriage in order for us to finally come up with the idea of what celibacy really means.
            Pope John Paul II opened up to begin discussing virginity or celibacy for the kingdom of heaven which viewed the Bible verse from Mark 12: 25 that says, “When they rise from the dead, they neither marry nor are given in marriage.” From this evidence, we therefore can say that there is really a condition that there is really life without marriage. Our being single as male or female, man and woman per se explains the fullness of our existence as our “self” rather “double” as one. Even in the times when mothers gave birth to every sibling, persons are not doubled. And the concept of Pope John Paul II’s idea on man’s future resurrection, every individual clearly perceives to be as one, single – man or woman. Thus, we can relate this to the word “continence”, no involvement of sex, that, in donating oneself to God, it calls for virginity and celibacy for the kingdom of heaven.
            As we contemplate, circling our minds thinking of the idea, “in donating oneself of God, it calls for virginity and celibacy for the kingdom of heaven”, we then can evaluate that this has something to do with those serving in the church specifically the priests and nuns who in their lives remain celibate because of the nature of their chosen vocation in serving God’s kingdom.
            It can be traced up in the history of the church about celibacy came into such in the Western Church in the early Middle Ages that Gregory VII issued a decree against clerical marriages which viewed that the Church was a thousand years old before it definitely took a stand in favor of celibacy in the twelfth century at the Second Lateran Council held in 1139 when a rule was approved forbidding priests to marry. In effect, the Council of Trent reaffirmed the tradition of celibacy on 1563. Though there were debates about this mandate or regulation on celibacy, Protestants took exception of it. But prior to that, the priest before can have family. They can have children and a wife. Before, priests had freedom of choice as to say, but that choice was ended until the fourth century when a large number of clergy during this period indeed choose celibacy. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Generic Drug, Orphan Drug, OTC Drug

I really love learning Pharmacology in Nursing. It apts me to really think about the kind of things that I should know about drugs.

Generic drugs - chemicals that are produced by companies that just manufacture drugs.
Reasons:  They don't have the research, the advertising or sometimes the quality control department that pharmaceutic companies have. They are cheap drugs.

Dispensed as Written (DAW) - the brand name product be used. Prescribers ensures quality control and bio-availability expected with that drug.

Orphan drugs are drugs that have been discovered but are not financially viable and therefore have not been "adopted" by any drug company. These are drugs used to treat rare disease or may have potentially dangerous adverse effects.

Over-the-counter (OTC) drugs - are products that are available without the prescription for self-treatment of a variety of complaints.

Problems relating to OTC drugs:
1. Taking these drugs could mask the signs and symptoms of underlying disease, making diagnosis difficult.
2. Taking these drugs with prescription medications should result in drug interactions and interfere with drug therapy.
3. Not taking these drugs as directed could result in serious overdoses. 

Monday, July 30, 2012

Freedom: Philosophical View

Freedom is the exquisite part of human existence. It is the verdant of human acts. There are 3 important things in view of freedom. They are:
1. Knowledge
2. Freedom
3. Voluntariness

Freedom is a natural gift. Voluntariness is the principle that follows after knowledge and freedom. One can't exercise full freedom without knowledge, vice versa. Voluntariness follows after knowledge and freedom. There can't be no voluntariness unless there is freedom and knowledge.

Knowledge is categorizes as:
a. What is invincible.  (He knows that he doesn't know.)
b. What is vincible. (He knows that he is ignorant.)
c. What is crass or pretended ignorance. (He projects that he is ignorant in order to escape from responsibility and liability.)

Freedom is not a possession. It is inherent in man as a person. It is a tool to create a moral person. It is a reality of man's existence. And that man is responsible of what he does. The animals are not free. Freedom is distinguished of a person from the other animals. Thus, it is a gift.

Freedom is a priceless gift. It can't be given aways because it is inherent in man's nature. Dehumanized is when freedom is take away from you.

When a person is wrong, he is not entitled to his own opinion. In this way, freedom is not something to be abused rather, it is a tool to create a moral person.

Freedom is not a license to do wrong; but rather, it is a license to do better. There are restrictions of exercising freedom and that is, you should not destroy the freedom of others even though you have the right. Man's purpose is to perfect his existence.

Pope John Paul view freedom as within man connatural to the human person. It is most distinctive sign of man's nature. It promotes man's dignity given to him by his Creator. It is inseparable from freedom which no external or constitute his fundamental right both as an individual and a member in the society.

Man is free because he possesses the faculty of self determination to what is true and what is good. He is free because he possesses the faculty of choice as drawn and moved in a personal way from within and not by blind impulses in himself or by mere external constraint. To be free is to be able to choose. It is to live according to one's conscience.

Freedom is a gift that promote human dignity.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chemistry: What is Matter?

My teacher in Chemistry discusses well. There are lots of things that I have learned from here. That is why, I can thinking of sharing this to you as well.

Substances: Element or Compound
Elements are the simplest kind of matter. It can't be broken down and still have properties of that element. It is all one kind of atom. Compounds are substances that can be broken down only by chemical methods. When broken down, the pieces have completely of different properties than the original compound. It is made up of two or more atoms, chemically combined (not just a physical blend).

Compounds vs. Mixture
Compounds are made up of one kind of material. It is by chemical means and it is of definite composition. Mixture is made up of more than one kind of material. It is made by physical change and it is of variable composition.

Elements vs. Compounds
Compounds can be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means, but element can't. A chemical change is a change that produces matter with a different composition than the original matter.

Chemical Change
A change in which one or more substances are converted into different substances. Heat and light are often evidence of a chemical change.

Properties of Compounds
Quite different properties than their component elements. It is due to a chemical change, the resulting compound has new and different properties:
Ex. table sugar - carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
Sodium Chloride - sodium and chloride
Water - hydrogen and oxygen

 My first notes are also can be found at:

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Chemistry: What is Matter?

My teacher in Chemistry discussed to us about Matter and I have thought an idea that somehow I can share what I have learned based from my Chemistry teacher. Here are the parts of the things I take down notes out from her discussion.

Matter is anything that a:) has mass  b.) takes up space
Mass is a measure of the amount of "stuff" (or material) the object contains (don't confuse this with weight, a measure of gravity)
Volume is a measure of the space occupied by the object.

Describing Matter
Properities used to describe matter can be classified as:
1. Extensive - depends on the amount of matter in the sample.
Example: Mass, Volume, Calories
2. Intensive - depends on the type of matter, not the amount present
Example: Hardness, Density, Boiling Point

Properties are...
*Words that describe matter (adjectives)
1. Physical Properties - a property that can be observed  and measured without changing the material's composition.
Examples: color, hardness, melting point, boiling point

2. Chemical Properties - is a property that can only be observed by changing the composition of the material.
Examples: ability to burn, decompose, ferment, react with, etc.

1. Solid - matter than can not flow (definite shape) and has definite volume.
2. Liquid - definite volume but takes the shape of its container (flows).
3. Gas - a substance without definite volume or shape and can flow.
Vapor - a substance that is currently a gas, but normally is a liquid or solid at room temperature.
4. Plasma - formed at high temperatures; ionized phase of matter as found in the sun.
5. Bose-Einstein Condensate - particle to particle

1. Physical Change - change the visible appearance without changing the composition of the material.
Ex. boil, melt, cut, bend, split, crack
*can be reversible and irreversible
2. Chemical Change - a change where a new form of matter is formed.
Ex. rust, burn, decompose, ferment, react with

*The term "phase" is used to describe any part of a sample with uniform composition of properties.
A homogeneous mixture consists of a single phase.
A heterogeneous mixture consists of two or more phases.

Mixtures are a physical blend of at least two substances; have variable composition. They can be either:
a. Heterogeneous - the mixture is not uniform in composition
ex. chocolate chip cookie, gravel, soil
b. Homogeneous - same composition throughout; called Solution
ex. cool aid, air, salt water
*Every part keeps it's own properties. 

Solutions are homogeneous mixtures
*Mixed molecule by molecule, thus too small to see the different parts
*Can occur between any state of matter: gas in gas, liquid in gas, gas in liquid, solid in liquid, solid in solid (alloys), etc.
*Thus, based on the distribution of their components, mixtures are called homogeneous or heterogeneous.

Separating Mixtures
*Some can be separated easily by physical means: rock and marbles, iron filings and sulfur (use magnet)
*Differences in physical properties can be used to separate mixtures.

Separation of a Mixture
Filtration - separates a solid from the liquid in a heterogeneous mixture by size
Components of dyes such as ink may be separated by Paper Chromatography.

Wedding Photography Vancouver

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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Existentialism is about being a saint without a god.

I can do right without the conformity because I have my religion that dictates me to help. I can be a saint in my own way of not relying of the forces by what I believe in. Like, I can save other people's lives even if I am an atheist, a protestant or others. To help is not based on what the law, the rules, the religion or what norms or practices dictates. To help is irregardless of what my religion says about helping. To serve my purpose best is to help others, to do the act as me as me, not as the laws or other people dictates me to do. I can be a hero in my own little ways. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Man has a free will to choose good or evil

Man is the greatest creation of God. We are His masterpiece above all His creation. In fact God created man in His image and likeness. But the most solid reason of our existence is the free will that he bestowed us with the freedom to choose between right or wrong.

Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Bad Effects of Yelling

When a person yell at you, of course your initial reaction would be that you are yelling in reply. There is no one in this world who wants to be yelled. 

Yelling is a negative expression that brought about by anger. It is not to utter with respect, but it is a way of making things in a demeaning manner. 

To yell donates a very big bad impact to the one who is being yelled at. Because one is yelling, it boils to the main reasons that would make yelling...

1. A way to hate the world. No matter who you encounter, when you are in great anger and you tend to yell because you want to emphasize right directly to the face of a person that you want him to be slapped by the unpleasant words, it brings him a very sad feeling of depression. It doesn't bring any good no matter the height of acting the manner is for a good reason of improvement, but it is not leading into a good cause. 

2. A way for imitating such bad actions. The tendency of the person being yelled to gives him a sample of being in the same manner when he dominantly make others to do such a request and when it was not followed, the clue of yelling will be implanted in his mind, giving him a clue to do the same to the other. 

3. A way of entering the self-depression of a person. To be yelled at is not proper. The one who do the bad act makes it a big self-depressing impact to the one who he yelled. The question will always boils to the fact that the one who was yelled at was not able to make the right way or he is always blaming himself for doing "no good" at all sorts of things. 

4. A way to down a person's self-esteem. Yelling always give bad results. It lacks the person's trust of himself, leading him not to try but instead making his potential, putting always into the risk of no action on challenges. It will always make the self in a down state of feeling. 

5. A way to be stagnant. Persons who experienced being yelled at are not productive. They are stagnant for they don't want to move forward to make a new step for progress because they don't want to be corrected or be yelled again for the "mistake" that they might commit for the next time. 

Persons who are yelled at always find yelling a negative example and they might imitate it to do just the same when encounters comes. But for persons who has a positive view and good coping mechanism, probably they will be able to do something in a positive diversion to understand thing and matter such as yelling. Most of them are not affected in this manner. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Millionaire Dating with your Millionaire Match

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Love is the bind that make solid the soul. In love finds the two who are all in one for a family. They find it always in a happy company and problems are at easy be solved because in them lies the love of each other.

Millionaire dating is the kind of truer dating site that leads you to find the person that you are looking for for the rest of your life. And it is only in our trys that all will be made possible.

I have come to know that there are lots of marriages right now which make it possible because of their first “meet” that makes it all actively alright. In fact, people all around the world are apt to online dating right now. They find it better to choose people and correspond to them in a way that will create the “fire” of lifetime happiness in love.

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Monday, June 25, 2012

Drawing Interpretation of the Mission of our School

Our teacher in English told the class to make a drawing representation of either the mission or the vision of our school and I happily choose to interpret the mission. 

As you can see, it is obviously so simple. In fact, it takes only about 25 minutes for me to finish this craft of mine. Maybe others might think that I don't have much education in art because I portray so simple drawing, that elementary pupils can do it in just a quick strokes of their pens. 
Yes, it surely does! It is so plainly simple, but the meaning is that heavy. I choose to make a road with the marks of a line in the center ranging from an obvious marks until it goes down to just points leading to the arrow. That simply means that life of a students starts in a development and learning is a process. One can go directly moulded if he is not that well equipped. There are lots of trails and challenges along the way but by one's determination a person can go straight. 

The 4 arrows that pointing to the roads with its different lines marks the temptations and problems that cause a person to be down, those are coming from the outside. But because of the person's willingness to focus into his education, he is that competent and confidence to move forward without entertaining temptations. 

Yellow color is what I choose for the man since yellow brings positive tiding that means energy and triumph and good news for success. The circle symbolizes the total person leading his way and is now a professional in his own field embracing the teachings and values taught by the school. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mission and Vision of Capitol University, College of Nursing, Philippines

We, the first year students in Nursing have just had our Orientation. This one-day activity is for all freshmen especially in the College of Nursing who are a part now to this school.

Part of our orientation is the introduction of the mission and vision of Capitol University, College of Nursing which geared us into right direction, following the aim of CU to mold us by equipping ourselves with the right nursing care skills for practical application in the future as we become fully registered nurses someday.

The Capitol University College of Nursing envisions to be recognized as a leading learner-centered educational institution that produces excellent, competent and proficient professional nurses capable of enhancing holistic health for the quality of life among diverse communities in a global society. 

The College of Nursing supports the mission of the University to facilitate the development and transformation of students into globally competent nurses by providing world-class instruction and facilities. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I knew that he is already in a relationship...

Early to school so that I will not be able to be late in the class, the incidence wasn't something to expect. For many weeks that we have not seen, we then bumped into each other with just saying our "His!" and "Hellos". That moment, I am in the verge of extreme happiness that it feels like that my heart jumps in great joy.

We talked for just awhile. His face is just like the same face of my ex-boyfriend before. Flashbacks all comes in mind and then I think while I see his face, "Wish I can take care of you." That is only in my mind. With no further utterance, that moment is something like an everlasting experience. I don't know if he feels something for me. What I know for sure is that I like him.

Part of our short conversation discovers me that he has already committed to someone else, his girlfriend. And it downs my heart in silence when I knew it. I just keep my peace and then, I pause to think that I hope I can take care of him, thinking it is just a dream. Only my soul just knew.

I went home erasing his number from my phone. Defensively, I don't want to ruin a happy life. That, I think for their welfare and there is no need to prolong the encounter because I don't want to hurt her girl for we are that having good jives when we talk.

When I see him everyday, my day's complete. I am determined to do my school works. I am always happy to do them. Though I know he has his woman right now, hope the wind will tell him that someone like me really cares. But I am not that type to make the move. I am not like that.

Here I am just listening to Adele's song, "Make You Feel My Love." I can say how lucky her girl is for having him, the kind of person whom I want to care, but it is so impossible for they are already sharing both happiness in love. Respect and acceptance are the sole muster that I grip into.

How wonderful it is to care him. I just keep my silence. I hope that the wind will tell him that there is someone special is waiting for him. I don't know when can we be able to see each other again.

Then, I cried.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Adele - I'll Be Waiting

Adele is a legend. She is really a good and stunning singer. This song is a song that makes you dance. The rhythm of the tone of the song makes everyone go with the flow of the music. It reflects realistic scenario of most of us waiting for love.

I love this song!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adele cries after singing "Someone Like You"

Adele has been my all-time favorite singer. I love she puts emotion to all her songs and "Someone Like You" carries heavy emotion, reflecting what she really feels from hurt and heartbreak after a serious relationship of her ex.

She cries after singing the song in the huge crowd. From there, I can see how deep Adele feels the pain out from the shattered past relationship that ends in a breakup abruptly. Indeed, relationships are like that for some instance. I just feel how she really clings to move on and feel much better after that pain. Her video is worth a reflection.

I love Adele so much. She is a true person that has a good heart. I can see it in  her.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fridges: Keep everything cold.

I knew just pretty well that when I do go to the grocery, I will buy in bunch for the week's budget. It is so tasking for me to go to the store everyday to buy the food for us to eat. That is why, buying in bunch is a very good idea for I have to store them in the right place, on the fridge-s.

Storing the food in the right place need the right temperature. When you buy in bunches, it is good to have a better place for your food to be preserved and will go for weeks, months or two. Good thing that there are lots of different types of fridges that indeed help all of us to make the food we purchased to last for a longer time. In this way, we can save time, energy and of course, money.

Everything has to be in the right place and when it comes to the things that invigorates our stomach, it just perfectly need the right fridges.

Thanks that I have that kind of fridges!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bettle Midler's In My Life

I love Bette Midler. I love her songs and the soul that she puts in it. One of my favorite of her many soulful songs is "In My Life". When I hear this everytime I tune in the cassette player, it reminds me of my journey in life. All those sweet bitter pains and sadness and how I overcome them. This song reminds me of my past, of my youth. It always lead me to where I am right now and how I struggle to still move on and survive.

Bette Midler is a legend. I can see always excelling in her choice of music. I do like her so much. And thanks for her music which touches me every now and then and moves me in many ways. 

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Avenger (Movie)

The Marvel's "The Avenger" is incredibly such an action movie that in every scene erases boredom for the next detail will surely give you the focus to fully listen to every word that the story of this movie is all about.

It is directed by Joss Whedon and stars like  Robert Downey, Jr., Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Tom Hiddleston, Clark Gregg, Cobie Smulders, Stellan Skarsgard and Samuel L. Jackson are the main casts who are indeed great in leading their roles. 

A group was formed to unite and fight the battle in order to protect the earth against the enemy. This movie is such a great one!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

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