Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Fact about Lucky Charms

I have seen on TV about the Chinese New Year's Water Dragon lucky years this 2012. I was so sad that 1982 was not in the list. With further report that says that being me in the year of the dog is not lucky this year. 

I was in the point of believing, but in the full sense I was mad. I don't believe about who's the luckiest or not in this year of the Water Dragon. 

For me, all of us are lucky. The very fact that we breath and wake to face another day every day is the luckiest gift and we, the benefactor of it are the luckiest. 

It is not through what the beliefs of other's culture that dictates us of not being lucky or something. 

Let us be aware that it takes no false fortune that points a person's life in a way that might threaten or disturb his way of living. We should not rely our life to the signs of fortune for in the first place, no one knows the tide of the story of our life except the will of God. 

That is why, in totality, there is no way to be worried about what others say about one's fortune. The best and true luckiest you resides in the hands of God. That is why, prayer is always and will always be the best armor.

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