Saturday, January 28, 2012

Scoring Rubrics for Poetry

It is so hard to give points to the written composition of the pupils in making their own piece - poem. Glad to have this Scoring Rubrics for Poetry that gives me the guide on how I could be able to give them points. Here's the sample rubrics:

I. Content 
The subject or theme is:
-clearly developed all throughout (4)
-clearly developed in most parts (3)
-developed to a limited extent or lacks continuity (2) 
-not developed in the entire poem (1)

II. Sensory Images - The sensory images:
-clearly portray ideas and emotions relevant to the theme (4)
-clearly portray ideas and emotions but fail to sustain unity (3)
-are limited and are inappropriate to the theme (2)
-are missing (1)

III. Word Choices - The use of language is:
- rich, vivid, precise and imaginative (creative) (4)
-imaginative and precise to an extent (3)
-fairly imaginative but lacks precision or precise but unimaginative (2)
-imprecise and/or unimaginative (1)

IV. Form - The presentation of the poem: 
- approximates the prescribed poetry format and is artistically presented (4)
-approximates the prescribed poetry format but lacks artistic presentation (3)
-approximates to a limited extent and lacks artistic presentation (2)
- does not follow it all (1)

V. Grammar and Spelling - The poem:
- is error free or with no more than 2 errors (4)
-bears 3-5 errors (3)
-bears 6-8 errors (2)
- bears more than 8 errors (1)

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