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Exercises about Proper and Common Nouns

Everywhere, we are surrounded with nouns such as the Proper and Common Nouns. In fact, there are many as we can observe. Nouns are everywhere. But in this part, we have first to discover the two kinds of nouns.

Proper Noun names a particular or specific person, place, thing, animal or event. It begins with a capital letter.
For example: Cecille, Canada, Chevrolet, German Shepherd, Wedding

Those examples are what we call Proper Nouns. As you can see, they signify specific names. Like the specific name (as stated in the example) of person is Cecille, for place is Canada, for thing is Chevrolet, for animal is German Shepherd and for event is Wedding. All the first letter of the beginning of those words mentioned begins with a capital letter.

The only indication for a proper noun to fully be recognized is the rules in capitalization that is being used.
Common Noun is the opposite form of proper noun. It names any one of a class or a kind of person, place, thing, animal or events. It presents a general name. It begins with a small letter.

Example: students, school, car, dog, party

What I mean about general name is that it doesn’t give the exact specific identity. Like for example, for person – students (these are persons who are going to school). For place, school (this is the general term of a place). For thing, car (it doesn’t tell the exact name). For animal, dog (it doesn’t tell who). For event, party (it tells the general term of the occasion).

Now in order for you to harness your recognition of the two kinds of nouns that we are tackling here, I will provide you with sample exercises.

A. Underline all the nouns in the following sentences. Write P above each noun if it is a Proper Noun or C if it is a Common Noun.
1. Catherine attended the concert of the Celine Dion.
2. Nothing is impossible if we believe in God.
3. Generous people share their things.
4. A furious tiger charged into the forest.
5. Nicole is a faithful friend.
6. I was eight years old when my mother taught me to sing.
7. Our family spent summer in Los Angeles, California.
8. The car was going very fast toward Houston, Texas.
9. The children went to the Walt Disney to experience fun adventures.
10. Does the program add to our appreciation of Art?
11. His father works in Mexico.
12. Has Mr. Smith returned from Chicago?
13. When was United States of America discovered?
14. Vacation is a happy time for boys and girls.
15. We see different kinds of animals in the West.

B. Write an appropriate proper or common noun for each given noun.
1. mother
2. Rome
3. Omni Hotel
4. bank
5. Romeo and Juliet
6. newspaper
7. basketball team
8. church
9. Caribbean
10. I am Sam

C. Pick out the nouns in the following paragraph and tell whether each is a proper noun or a common noun. Write your answer on the blank provided.

As Geoffrey was walking inside the Bodigon’s Galleria, he passed by Samsung Store and saw attractive but expensive cellular phones which he so desired for a long time. Beside the shop was Time Zone Store where many watches were on display. But he knew that financially, he could not afford to have any of these. And it occurred to him that there may even pose serious risks to his life. So, he just enjoyed touring the mall and felt content with what his parents could afford to give him.

D. Write your own 5-paragraph composition about any topic of your interest. Be sure that there should only be 20 Common Nouns and 15 Proper Nouns present in your write-ups.

E. Make a script about How to Introduce a Friend to Your Parents. Be sure to include the use of proper and common nouns. Group into 4 and present a short role playing out from your written scripts.

F. Make a report on the latest news in your community, in your country or in the world. Be sure to present them in the class. Utilize the use of proper and common nouns.

*You can also modify or add some other kinds of activities that you can best suggest in order to make your classroom instruction more interesting and student-centered.

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