Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pets' Love for Each Other

Pets are like humans. They have instincts, senses and of course, feelings.

My pets, namely Nana (dog) and Tarzan (cat) had this extraordinary love for each other. Is this possibly called Love?

Many times as I have observed the actions of my two pets, I find it weird. They are not of the same kind, a dog and a cat. They always show signs of sweetness and caresses which carried me to observe them.

There are those moments that when Tarzan went nearer to Nana, the latter lick his feathers all over again and bite the portion of it, killing those animal lice. Tarzan also finds way to be sweet to Nana. He always follows her wherever she goes. They are like bestfriends who feel in-love with each other. They are like one sweet, loving family. 

To my unstoppable stare and observation of them, I have the change to capture their sweetness of love. Tarzan slept on the tail of Nana while both of them are comfortably sleeping on the ground.

I have realized that pets too have feelings. Tarzan and Nana’s love for each other signifies how they care for one another. This is a rare scenario in most of pet’s life, I think. It is my first time to see for real that pets do show affection and concern to the other creature that obviously both of them are not of the same kind.

I have realized that love is unconditional. It never judges nor chooses to love. It doesn’t care who to give love and to whom would it be shared.

This simple glimpse of my life with Tarzan and Nana reminds me that love is for everybody, no matter what culture, beliefs, races and nationalities. Love is never selfish. It gives and resides in them. They are animals but not humans, but still, they have love for each other.

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