Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sacrificing for the sake of others

Oftentimes I say, "This is enough." But in reality, I just can't. 

Sacrificing for the sake of other people especially to one's family is not easy to do. You have to "forget" your own happiness, I guess, so that you feel secured that they are okay. 

I have almost given up everything for my family. Now, I am in late adulthood, I should have my family of my own. I should have my children now who are happily in the elementary or in the secondary level. But I say, "I just can't."It is so hard being the bread-winner. I take all the responsibilities, carrying the world on my shoulder. I am happy with what I do but there are times that I pause for awhile and say, "I had enough."

I need a man who will understand me and accept my family. I need a man who accepts my special child sister and not to abandon me because of her. I need a man who is willing to take all sides of my life and who knows how to understand. But that mere facts, almost closes my door to love because I don't want to see bitter reactions from them because of my special child sister. 

Of course, i get tired, but I don't matter nor mind them for I am used to it. Before anything painful happens, I can say that I am depriving or "closing" my door for someone because of pain. But again, only God knows.

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