Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Seven Steps in Gospel Sharing (Lumko Method)

I have read the Bible – The Good News Bible (Today’s English Version), while I am reading, I gone through the back portion of it and I have found The Seven Steps in Gospel Sharing. This gives me the “ting” (idea) to share it to the world so that you will be directed that Gospel Sharing has also its processes for systematic flow of the activity. On the other hand, you will be directed and benefited out from this important ways to follow when you share the Gospel of God to all the people in the world.

It is The Seven Steps (7S-Lumko). There are various kinds of gospel sharing methods and one of them is the Lumko Method. Here are the details:

First Step: We invite the Lord

“Would someone invite the Lord in prayer and welcome Him?”

Once the group settles down, the facilitator asks someone to volunteer, “to invite the Lord”. The living presence of the Risen Christ is the presupposition and basis or our meditation. We invite God to come into our hearts – We open our minds, hearts and soul to receive the Word. We remind ourselves that the Lord is with us. “Where two or three are gathered together in my name, there I am in the midst of them.” (Matthew 18:20)

Second Step: We read the text.

“Let us open our Bible to (Book, Chapter…)

(When all have found the Book and chapter): “Would someone like to read verses…”

The facilitator announces the chosen text: first the book, then the chapter. He waits until everyone has found the book and chapter and only then does he announces the verse. When everyone has found the passage, the facilitator invites someone to volunteer to read the text. A moment of silence follows. 

Third Step: We dwell on the text and meditate on them.

“We pick out the words or short phrases – read them aloud prayerfully – and keep silence in between”.

The facilitator continues: “Which words strike you in a special way?”

In doing so, almost the entire text is listened to again. The participants spontaneously read aloud the world or words that have impressed them. Whole verses are not red, only short phrases or individual words. The participants are encouraged to repeat those words silently to themselves three or four times. It is extremely important that a moment of silence be kept after each person has spoken, allowing the message to “sink in.” As a result of this step, “simple” words often take on new meaning.

Fourth Step: We are quiet. View with wonder. We listen.

“We keep silence for…minutes and allow God to speak to us.”
After spending time on the individual word, the entire passage is read again slowly, “Will someone please read the text again (from another version)?”

We “notice” the words or phrases that touch, stir, challenge and correct our hearts. We pick our words or short phrases and repeat them in our hearts. We ask themselves: How is my life touched by this scripture passage? Is there an invitataion for me? “We allow ourselves to be loved by God. We let God look at us – simply open to God, to wait for Him, to be with Him. In fact, he is not far from any of us.” (Acts 17:27)

Fifth Step: We share what we have heard in our hearts.

After the time of quiet, the facilitator announces the next step: “We share with each other what we have heard in our hearts.” Which word touched us personally? We may share also any “spiritual experience”. We do not discuss any contribution, even though some may not share personally but comment on the text instead.

Sixth Step: We searched together. We discuss any task that our group is called to do.

The facilitator announces: “We search together. What is God telling me (us) to do? How can we respond?” We commit to some action individually or as a group.

Plan of Action: Report on the previous week; what new task needs to be done; who will do what and when; how have we applied the Word of Life in certain situations in life. Discuss everyday problems in the light of the Gospel. Difficulties are resolved because of the mutual confidence that now exists.

None of these problems need to have a direct connection to the Bible passage, which had been read and shared. However, they emerge and can be resolved because of the mutual confidence that now exists in an atmosphere of the presence of God. Things look different when God is allowed to be present.

Seventh Step: We pray together for God’s continuous guidance in our life.

The facilitator now invites everyone to pray. Anyone who wishes may pray spontaneously. In your prayer, use words of scripture that touched you personally from the text.

The participants are encouraged to incorporate in their personal prayer whatever has been of special importance to them during the meditation.

Only in the end is a formal prayer or a hymn known to everyone recited or sung.

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