Monday, February 20, 2012

When the Husband has another...

It is 10:24 in the evening, I thought it was early dawn. I can’t go back to sleep. Our neighbors near our house woke me up. I hate every time our neighbor quarrel and the culprit,,,her husband who has another woman.

Everyday, every night, I hear voices of fighting, crying, shouting and even things flown on the wall. I don’t want to hear their heated arguments, but it seems that not a day, they will fight. Not an evening, they will not quarrel. I almost can count how many nights all those quarrels and fightings all over again burst to my ears. I don’t mind, but the chaos keeps me awake like an ear away.

I pitied more their children. Their two girls are always a witness to their heated troubles that bangs us, the neighbors. Indeed, when the husband has another woman, he brings home a ruin life. He demoralizes the home that should be formed through love and respect. He keeps no morals that shame dominates no space in him. He is not ashamed of his neighbors and the people around them. He destroys the trust that his wife build. He shares bad ideas to his children that maybe when they grew up, they (their children) might hate their father for the wrongdoings he has done to his family.

When the husband has another woman, he denies the truth that he first created. He shows to the world that he is doing no mistakes. He pretends to be the “angel” which in fact, he carried the thorn of evil. He leads the people to believe that he is the “good Samaritan” and not the other. In him is the power to put everything in his pocket for he doesn’t want to stand corrected. He is indeed a destroyer while the Mother is in the softer corner, crying and keeping his words in deep silence.

Every night, it seems I anticipated what will happen…when the husband has another woman, the neighbors left awake. It is so disgusting.

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