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Who is Zeus?

English Literature is my forte. I love to discover the life of the gods and goddesses that make chaos, bring turmoil and even entice others. It is so fun to read Literature of the past in Greek origin. One that captures my curiosity is Zeus. Who really is Zeus?

Zeus, according to the information that I have gathered, is the god of the sky and all its phenomena. His name is from and Indo-European word, meaning “to shine.”

In the Tales of Zeus, as stated as:

After the horrors of Lycaon’s banquet, Zeus (Jupiter) decided that the whole of humankind deserved to die. The other gods thought anxiously about their temples and their festivals. Who would make sure that the sweet smells of sacrifice would continue to rise up to Mount Olympus if there were no more human beings? Who would be left to worship the gods? Zeus promised that the human race would not die out completely. He would find a way for a new breed of humans to come into being, people who would be properly respectful of the gods and careful to observe every festival with its proper rituals.

Zeus stood on Mount Olympus with the thunderbolt in his hand, choosing his first target. He was just about to hurl the thunderbolt into the marketplace of the closest city when he remembered a prophecy that the world was a doomed to end in fire. Carefully, he laid aside his weapon, for he wished to cleanse the world, not to destroy it utterly. “Let the waters carry my revenge and then subside,” he decreed, “so that life can return once more.”As he spoke, the winds began to blow up a tempest. The South Wind gathered back storm clouds that poured their rain down onto the land. The crops were washed away; this year, all of humankind would go hungry. But Zeus was not satisfied with this revenge. He wanted not just to hurt the troublesome human race, but to drown almost all of them.

He called to his brother Poseidon (Neptune), lord of the sea. Poseidon commanded all the rivers and streams of the world to flood, and then he struck the surface of the earth with his trident. Poseidon is sometimes known as the Earth Shaker, and on this day he shook the earth until it cracked open, letting the sea flood in. Gigantic waves smashed across the land. Cities were washed away. No temple, no palace could stand against the roaring tide. There was no more boundary between the earth and water, nowhere to take refuge on solid land, and when people tried to outride the storm by taking refuge in ships, they ended up starving to death on the ocean.

Sides of the Story:

The main reason why Zeus wanted to destroy humankind is because he was alarmed that many gods continued to have children with the mortals, making humans more powerful.

The world of Zeus is the place of the immortals. The presence of the gods and goddesses make it immortal. But their belief that to commune with the mortal is something not of their acceptance because he might be afraid that the people will dominate the entire world. But the other immortals have communication with the immortals in the form of love. They communicate with the humans of the intense feeling that they both feel the security of feeling love for each other. But that was the ultimate worry of Zeus for in the case that all his constituents will be closed to the humans, he is afraid that there will be no more immortals in their world.

For Zeus, he cares more on their property. He is thinking about their world and not that of the human’s world. That is why, every time when he hears news about the oneness of communicating between his world and the living world, he is always in burst of intense madness. He then goes with his wit of making to the people in the living world to experience the kind of power he has when he gets mad. He will really do everything that people feel how deep is his anger.

For me, Zeus’ character is very intense. He heeds no mercy when his anger takes the lead. But he thinks many times before he decides. Zeus is like a person who manipulates the world in his hands without second thought or without fear for he knows what is best for them. He is just in everything that he does. He propagates to implant a strict rule that when one disobeys, all will pay the price. He doesn’t escape any misconduct. He is a leader with pride. Because of his power that he has all the capacity to rule the world, he is oftentimes furious. Maybe that is just the normal sides of him because he is the only immortal that is liable for his kingdom. Whatever will happen to under his rule, he will not forgive himself.

I oftentimes find Zeus moody. He is totally angry at first, changeable for some instance but too much strict at all times. I don’t know if he is lovable or friendly. But in this story, I find him authoritative, impulsive, strong, strict and with pride.

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