Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Youth Speaks (poem)

Who are the “we” in the poem? What task does youth say he will perform? What is the youth’s purpose in denouncing wrongs? What is the youth asking for? Why?

These questions linger in my minds as I read the poem which is written by Amador T. Daguio. It reminds me as my responsibility as a youth in my own nation.

Youth Speaks
by Amador T. Daguio 

We voice no apologies,
We were caused by our time.
What we say happened to us
Who have dared cold horizons.
So we say to you all
We, too, have tasks to perform.

We love this country no less
Than lawmakers, money-lenders.
Governors, factory owners.
Or hacienderos. We offer
Our strength for foundations.
But first, we must clear this land.

We must cut down thick jungles.
Before we can lay strong foundations,
We must drain protozoan marshes.
Burn old sores, cancerous flesh.
We who will inherit this land.
Fathers, elders, why disinherit us?
We who are young, longing and lonely.
Why do you poison our growth?

What if we are not of the privileged?
We love our country even much more
Perhaps than those who wallow in security.
If we denounce wrongs, know that
Our cry begs for our need?
We do not wreck; we wish to perform.
To plant proud blooms that will live-
Allow us then, give us your trust.

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