Friday, March 2, 2012

Dear Diary

Writing is my life. And for years, I never kept my hands park. I write, write and even write more.

I find the efficacy of writing a diary an invigorating life as it helps me express what I feel everytime I learn, reflect and even if I would like someone to know is what is on my mind that I can’t be able to tell him. I write everything I want to say in my diary. My thoughts are widely open, without hesitation to really reveal all the things that I really wanted to say. I find my diary as my friend, my joy for life.

Because of having a diary, I am able to unlock the real me. In person, I am totally silent and observant on things. It is only in my diary that I can outburst my emotions. I can tell what I feel if I dislike someone or not, happy or sad, active or passive, excited or behaved. My diary is a sort of my release, an outlet of the real feelings that I have felt. It paves to let go all the hurts, pains, worries, angers, confusions away from the heavy me.

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