Sunday, March 18, 2012

Depression: How to get away with it.

All of us have experienced or are experiencing the tough spots where we almost give up. Without the feeling of growth, more of us will suffer from chronic or even malignant depression.

A depressed person is a characteristic of a paralyzed mind. He is not thinking on how to cope in dealing with the situations or the feelings. He is statically taking things in unmoved manner. When one is in depression, he surely loses his balance in his life for he lets to magnify and be ignite with his problems. Now, this is indeed a deep depression.

Life is the way we make it. I believe that how one maneuvers to drive his life, if he leads it to goodness or to bad actions, then he pays the price for the thing he chooses. But we are endowed with all the goodness in our hearts and minds. We plan to taste the sweetness of life. You can choose to be happy and be contented. Also, you can allow sadness and despair to rule your emotions.

The best way is of course, to choose the better and the best in life. That is why, it is all in the state of mind. Depression is just in the state of mind if you let it in. If you want nothing will happen in your life, then you deserve the infliction of depression. And worst, it will really ruin everything in you, your morale, your personality, your dreams and even your spirit. Thus, before anything bad that will happen to you, be your strength and let the love of God dwell in you.

Some people lose hope if their spiritual growth is stagnant. It is the message of God that will lift you higher and when you are full in spirit, depression will not havoc your life even in a single instance. The best way too, is to change the way you think. Don’t be a pessimist. Be an optimist. Problems are there always and there is no way that it will stop harming you or challenging you. All you need to do is make certain of your decisions. Think deeper and believe in yourself that you can do it.

How lucky depression is when you let it in your life. Would you just allow yourself for depression to ruin you? Life is beautiful. Think about it.

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