Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fun Poems in a School of Fish

The Octopus
I’d like to see the octopus
In school, all dressed and neat.
Which are his arms, which are his legs?
How will he take his seat?

The Crab
Oh, look at teacher, Mrs, Crab,
With eyes on stalks, revolving
She looks with care wherever she steps,
For she goes sideways, walking.

The Sea Horse
The sea horse looks a little queer,
His tail is curled and long,
His head has horns, and also his skin
I think he’s shaped all wrong.

The Snail
He carries his house upon his head.
He’s neither feathered nor furred.
He uses his tongue for a shoe of a slipper
And therefore can’t say a word.

The Starfish
I’d hate to be a starfish
In school on Christmas day
They’d hang me up on the Christmas tree
I couldn’t go out to play.

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