Monday, March 12, 2012

Projecting through with your Voice (Public Speaking)

Your voice is the index of your personality. It reveals to the world the kind of person you are.

The term that refer to the mechanics of voice production are essentially important for you to know. Your voice is your important tool of communication. Without it, you can’t speak; with it, you can express your thoughts, your feelings, your desires, your problems in hundreds of different ways. You can shout, murmur, or whisper; you can grumble, plead, coo, rant, wheedle, exult, complain, laugh, or growl. Why not become acquainted now with this amazing instrument, your voice, which you will use all your life, and with some of the technical terms that apply to it?

A good voice has a pure tone. A voice may not be rich or melodious but it can be pleasing if it’s pure. The impure of voice is shrill, hard and harsh arising from constriction in the throat and neck.

In order to have a good voice, allow your diaphragm to supply the power for the voice. Constricting the muscles of the neck and throat causes the shrill, harsh or hard voice. Speaking without force or power produces dull, weak and inarticulate speech.

You should keep your throat open and you should loosen the jaw. The sound will come out clearly and distinctly. A good voice is strong, it comes from the power ensuring from the whole abdominal region.

A good voice gives out a normal pitch that is adapted to your particular voice mechanism. Employing a too high pitch level results in a piping and thin voice. The rough and growling voice results from using a low pitch level.

You can discover your normal pitch by stopping your ears with your finger, then humming rather, loudly up and down the scale. As you go along the way, you discover a pitch level at which the sound is louder and fuller than any other level. This is your normal pitch.

A good voice is flexible. It means the readiness of the muscles of the throat, face, jaw and lips to respond. Lack of flexibility in the voice results in the nasal twang, thinness of voice, monotone voice and poor articulation.

Flexibility of voice gives color, warmth and meaning to your voice. Be sure to boost the voice in you when you deliver speeches. It is the only way you will surely win.

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