Thursday, March 15, 2012

A story to reflect on: About Heaven and Hell

I have read this story which authored from an anonymous person. As I gone through reading the story, I have realized that it speaks more on the atmosphere of what Heaven and hell like. I am sure that this story is something to reflect on. Here is the full copy of the story.

Face to Face with Heaven and Hell

The old priest, who was dying, said a prayer that his soul may rest in peace. He was troubled about Heaven and Hell. What were they like? God knows he had spent a lifetime preaching about them. Now, at age 84, he wasn’t sure.

Dimly he saw two figures at the foot of his bed. He recognized them. The tall muscular one was Moses, and the other was Peter the fisherman. When they called to the priest, he got up and followed, walking through the wall of his bedroom. Silently they led him through the galaxies of the night sky. In a far-off place they stopped before a big house.

“The kingdom of God is made of many mansions,” Peter explained. “So too is Hell. Step inside. We shall show you the first room of Satan’s palace.”

As the priest walked in, his ears were assaulted by a babble of complaints. Many people were seated at a large table. In the center, there was a big pot of the priest’s favorite dish, beef stew. Although everyone in Hell had a spoon and could reach the pot, the people were starving. The spoon handles that were attached to their hands were twice as long as their arms. They could catch the stew but they couldn’t bring it to their lips. The cries of the starving were so loud that the priest begged to be taken away.

Peter and Moses took him to another mansion in a faraway place. Moses invited the priest to step inside the outer room of Paradise. There the priest saw a similar large table surrounded by many people. In the center was a huge pot of beef stew. The spoon handles were too long for human arms, but there were no cries of complaint. No one was starving. All the people were feeding each other.

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