Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polya's Method of Problem Solving

My Physics teacher taught us, her students in Physics I subject, about deriving at a solution that is indeed easy, constructive and not confusing. One of the way that she is teaching us is how to solve problem based on George Polya's Method in Problem Solving.

She told us that when you encounter problem solving, always, first, look for the GIVEN. In here, you are going to list all the given facts indicated in the problem solving statement so that you will know what are you going to solve. Second, you will indicate what is being ASKED. You should analyze carefully the given problem so that you can arrive at the point main thing that you are going to find. Third, as you have now gathered the information on what is given and being asked, it is now time for you to SOLVE the problem. Of course, you need to follow certain formulas so that you can arrive at the right answer. Be sure to analyze carefully what is the problem so that you will not have a mistake in solving them. Remember that problem solving is very sensitive part because you really have to fix and make certain all the information so that you will come up with the correct answer.

After getting the right answer, it is of course, important that you have to CHECK your answer based on the formula by filling in what is being asked with the precise answer. If the answer is right as you rechecked it, then you are arriving at a correct answer, then so, if not, then you should go back to the process again in deriving at a solution.

That is why, problem solving is a very delicate process. You need to be exact because each process has something to do with the other process. If in the solution, you are making slight mistakes in solving, then, you need to go back again from the very beginning of the process until you can come up with the correct answer. Anyway, RE-CHECKING is very necessary too for you to come up with really the correct answer.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Breast Milk is best for Babies

Breast milk is best for babies. But how can mothers give their milk to their babies if they have low breast milk supply?

I have heard that most of my friends (who are mothers already) when having their babies, always do have complains about the problem they have in breastfeeding and it is, they have low breast milk supply.

Of course, it is the person's, most importantly the mother's wish that they could fully sustain their babies with their milk. But if they can't, that is the time that they need to produce more milk using what medical experts are teaching them.

It is always the care of the mothers to nourish their babies with milk for that is the only substance that they can be nourished. That is why, to increase milk supply is never impossible.

Because of the concern of the medical experts and the availability of the said campaign in breastfeeding, mothers are not left worried or unanswered. In fact, if they think they are not capable to provide their babies with milk, now they can!

There is nothing impossible in this world. Even a minute problem that mothers can think has no great solution can be best solved because of the care of science and its colleagues, the health experts. And all babies around the world are not anymore left behind because Mothers are always there, providing them with love, care and of course, their milk while they are growing up as an infant.

Mother's milk is always and forever be the best milk for babies!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colton Dixon is eliminated

The American Idol is one of my favorite show. Because of the singing, the love of music and the singing styles of each contestants, that I gotten into loving American Idol as I do love to sing as well. I found the connection of the show to me as an ordinary singer.

From the very start of this show, I am already a fan. I have remembered Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks who are some of the winners of this singing competition. And my all-time favorites, Thia Megia and Jessica Sanchez, opts me to watch the show until now.

Part of the competition is the elimination. It is so sad to see good singers been eliminated. It is so sad seeing them exiting from the stage and go to their individual homes with "nothing" but trying to find themselves again.

Colton Dixon is a very good singer and I was totally shocked why he has been eliminated and was not being saved by the American Idol judges just like what they did to Jessica Sanchez on the previous competition.

Many people reacted and aired their various views and comments of the show. Does American Idol got into its way to a downfall? I mean, it is oftentimes sad to think that it doesn't point to what is really the best. I understand that part of Colton's admittance is the core of the unwise choose of song which he sings the Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It is somewhat inappropriate for his style. It was only later does he realize that he made mistake of the choice of his song.

But that again, it is competition. Anything can happen. It is part of the show and there is nothing that people can do about but to just pause for realizations afterwards. That is the real world of entertainment, I think.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

When a Teacher trade for a Talent Show

I love my Health Education teacher, but that is for just the first time. Now, I am quite a bit "don't like" her because of the ways that she lets us do the consequence for getting the "lowest" score in the class.

I am a first time student in a University now. First time calls for more adjustments from my teachers, from the people around, from the system of the school and of course, from the subject that I take up.

I love the subject, Health Education but not the teacher. She is trading our lowest grades into a talent show for us to pass. How ridiculous! That, I can't learn. Trading my lowest score for a Talent Show portraying Rihanna, how silly of her! But there again, even though I voice out, she will not listen to me, but instead, I will be forced to perform in front of my class and for sure, laughters and probably boos are everywhere. I hate the way she did it to us. I thought she is my favorite teacher, but now, I come to hate her.

Now, I will just go to school and attend her class as if for the sake of compliance that I need to pass and have grade for the subject.

She should not do that. I hate her of being like that. She should have given us something to work on, like paper works in connection to our lesson or she could have make us discuss in the class on the topics of the next chapter, those kinds of assignments for us to do is worth educative and informative, rather than letting us perform and be teased by everyone in the class. I really hate her for doing that to us.

I don't  know why she demands to perform us something like that in school, in front of my classmates. I am a person with feelings and of course, I am hurt. It is just I don't have any choice but to do what she wants us to do, singing like Rihanna.

I hope that next time when teachers want to trade something for a "messed" activities, it should be that they should give an activity that is worth knowing, worth studying and worth informing. The only problem in this is that when the students perform less in class again, that talent show will proceed until the class will end on May.

I think the teacher is just wasting her time or probably, she doesn't have something to say, that is why, she is like killing the time and do her silly thing. It is so irritating! It is a ridiculous shame on her! 

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going to school (second courser)

It is such a "quite" risking life to go back to school even though I am already professional. Taking another course, Bachelor of Science in Nursing is indeed a sacrifice. My first course is Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is not a waste, definitely not.

Some people are asking me why on Earth I gave up being a teacher and I proceed in Nursing. From a teacher to be a student in Nursing, I know they have bunch of questions in mind. 

I was in questioning though now that I really have to go to school for the pursuit to continue my journey which I want to do - saving lives and taking care of the needy. That is why, I proceed in nursing. 

I feel somewhat regretful for giving up something which I do also love, teaching, but taking this another step of my schooling years as nursing student is also a dream come true. 

For some reasons, I go back to school because I like to land a good job and a better opportunity that could help others and sustain my family. 

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why you should need to go to school.

It is for good reason that everyone seek to find education as their goal in life, to finish schooling and live with what they learn by not stop learning.

I tell you that when you go to school, there is this kind of "self-satisfaction" feeling that boosts you not to be left out in the midst of poverty or inappropriateness. You will be able to find happiness that is unexplainable for the contribution that you make not just for yourself but for others as well. Educating oneself is a life-changing-for-good formation. You will not be discriminated nor forsaken if you did not know things because you are filled with knowledge and wisdom that lifts you to the most high of your life.

Education, as what they say, is the solution to poverty. And poverty is not a hindrance to success. But in order to attain the ultimate success in life, one must confine himself, educating in going to school, listening to the teachers, doing the assignments and projects on time and reading ahead of each lesson taken.

Who says that it is so hard to educate oneself? I think it is not hard to be in school. The only way is hard work, perseverance, trust in oneself, pray to God for guidance and most of all study even harder, to the limitless times and of course, this is how I learn, read, read and even read a lot of books. Good habits in reading really benefits you to love school and its ways.

Now, I have been finished with the first course in Education but I never stop schooling. I am taking Nursing as my second course. I would like to extend my knowledge more on things that I do also love, taking care of the sick and the dying. That is why, I never stop learning. I never stop schooling while working as well.

A stagnant mind is a paralyzed mind. When the dreams and aspirations are not moving, then there is no assurance that one will fully succeed. Education is lifetime and for one to set that goal to nourish oneself with the right armor, it all starts and will always be in education.

There are ways in order to attain the best education out from having no enough money to send in school. You may be a working student. You may take an extra added work to fully support your schooling or you may take the scholarship test for you to be in school.

Schooling is never impossible. It is just your way of making your dreams come true and helping yourself land a good job after schooling. To be in school is to fully excel in everything. It is not static. You should not be stagnant. Learn your way how to reach your dreams because you can do it. Persons are we are not bordered with limits. We can do all things possible learning and be in school.

Monday, April 2, 2012

I love Adele's I Can't Make You Love Me

There is something in this song that I can't get out with. I just love Adele. I love all her songs in her album "21". She is an amazing singer. This song reminds me of my bittersweet past that I am happily letting go. And I am happy right now. But there are moments of pauses in my life that I can recall thinking about my past. Indeed, no one can force a person to love someone if the other one doesn't like. I can't love the person I love before for the fact that we are totally over. I am forgetting him and I am happy right now. I just love this song. I have been playing it over and over again.

When everything is shattered

I don't know where to start. I don't know if there is something good that's store for me. I should have not stop working for me to further fulfill my dreams and for me to sustain the needs of my sisters. I am growing now and it seems that age is the portals that hinders one to fully exceed from working. I hope that there is a good spirit that will accept me because I feel that all my dreams are shattered because you told me to quit wihtout even noticing what is it for me if I lose everything, my work.

You should not have promised me. You should not have told me that you will fully sustain me where in fact, you can't. It is so hard to think that you are like that but nevertheless, I will do my best to fully apply another chance and I hope that the Lord will ever help me. I want to work and to fully extend my wings to fly and soar high, bringing my dreams with me for my sisters. I am more happy to see and live in a simple life than to divergely dwell in the arms of the unknown, materialistic world.

I just pray that I can be able to work and find a job that calls for lifetime. I hope that I can be able to go back to work. I know the Lord will really help me. It is His will and I know that He will fix this.
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