Saturday, April 21, 2012

Colton Dixon is eliminated

The American Idol is one of my favorite show. Because of the singing, the love of music and the singing styles of each contestants, that I gotten into loving American Idol as I do love to sing as well. I found the connection of the show to me as an ordinary singer.

From the very start of this show, I am already a fan. I have remembered Kelly Clarkson and Jordin Sparks who are some of the winners of this singing competition. And my all-time favorites, Thia Megia and Jessica Sanchez, opts me to watch the show until now.

Part of the competition is the elimination. It is so sad to see good singers been eliminated. It is so sad seeing them exiting from the stage and go to their individual homes with "nothing" but trying to find themselves again.

Colton Dixon is a very good singer and I was totally shocked why he has been eliminated and was not being saved by the American Idol judges just like what they did to Jessica Sanchez on the previous competition.

Many people reacted and aired their various views and comments of the show. Does American Idol got into its way to a downfall? I mean, it is oftentimes sad to think that it doesn't point to what is really the best. I understand that part of Colton's admittance is the core of the unwise choose of song which he sings the Lady Gaga's Bad Romance. It is somewhat inappropriate for his style. It was only later does he realize that he made mistake of the choice of his song.

But that again, it is competition. Anything can happen. It is part of the show and there is nothing that people can do about but to just pause for realizations afterwards. That is the real world of entertainment, I think.

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