Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going to school (second courser)

It is such a "quite" risking life to go back to school even though I am already professional. Taking another course, Bachelor of Science in Nursing is indeed a sacrifice. My first course is Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education is not a waste, definitely not.

Some people are asking me why on Earth I gave up being a teacher and I proceed in Nursing. From a teacher to be a student in Nursing, I know they have bunch of questions in mind. 

I was in questioning though now that I really have to go to school for the pursuit to continue my journey which I want to do - saving lives and taking care of the needy. That is why, I proceed in nursing. 

I feel somewhat regretful for giving up something which I do also love, teaching, but taking this another step of my schooling years as nursing student is also a dream come true. 

For some reasons, I go back to school because I like to land a good job and a better opportunity that could help others and sustain my family. 

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