Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polya's Method of Problem Solving

My Physics teacher taught us, her students in Physics I subject, about deriving at a solution that is indeed easy, constructive and not confusing. One of the way that she is teaching us is how to solve problem based on George Polya's Method in Problem Solving.

She told us that when you encounter problem solving, always, first, look for the GIVEN. In here, you are going to list all the given facts indicated in the problem solving statement so that you will know what are you going to solve. Second, you will indicate what is being ASKED. You should analyze carefully the given problem so that you can arrive at the point main thing that you are going to find. Third, as you have now gathered the information on what is given and being asked, it is now time for you to SOLVE the problem. Of course, you need to follow certain formulas so that you can arrive at the right answer. Be sure to analyze carefully what is the problem so that you will not have a mistake in solving them. Remember that problem solving is very sensitive part because you really have to fix and make certain all the information so that you will come up with the correct answer.

After getting the right answer, it is of course, important that you have to CHECK your answer based on the formula by filling in what is being asked with the precise answer. If the answer is right as you rechecked it, then you are arriving at a correct answer, then so, if not, then you should go back to the process again in deriving at a solution.

That is why, problem solving is a very delicate process. You need to be exact because each process has something to do with the other process. If in the solution, you are making slight mistakes in solving, then, you need to go back again from the very beginning of the process until you can come up with the correct answer. Anyway, RE-CHECKING is very necessary too for you to come up with really the correct answer.

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