Monday, April 2, 2012

When everything is shattered

I don't know where to start. I don't know if there is something good that's store for me. I should have not stop working for me to further fulfill my dreams and for me to sustain the needs of my sisters. I am growing now and it seems that age is the portals that hinders one to fully exceed from working. I hope that there is a good spirit that will accept me because I feel that all my dreams are shattered because you told me to quit wihtout even noticing what is it for me if I lose everything, my work.

You should not have promised me. You should not have told me that you will fully sustain me where in fact, you can't. It is so hard to think that you are like that but nevertheless, I will do my best to fully apply another chance and I hope that the Lord will ever help me. I want to work and to fully extend my wings to fly and soar high, bringing my dreams with me for my sisters. I am more happy to see and live in a simple life than to divergely dwell in the arms of the unknown, materialistic world.

I just pray that I can be able to work and find a job that calls for lifetime. I hope that I can be able to go back to work. I know the Lord will really help me. It is His will and I know that He will fix this.

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