Thursday, April 19, 2012

When a Teacher trade for a Talent Show

I love my Health Education teacher, but that is for just the first time. Now, I am quite a bit "don't like" her because of the ways that she lets us do the consequence for getting the "lowest" score in the class.

I am a first time student in a University now. First time calls for more adjustments from my teachers, from the people around, from the system of the school and of course, from the subject that I take up.

I love the subject, Health Education but not the teacher. She is trading our lowest grades into a talent show for us to pass. How ridiculous! That, I can't learn. Trading my lowest score for a Talent Show portraying Rihanna, how silly of her! But there again, even though I voice out, she will not listen to me, but instead, I will be forced to perform in front of my class and for sure, laughters and probably boos are everywhere. I hate the way she did it to us. I thought she is my favorite teacher, but now, I come to hate her.

Now, I will just go to school and attend her class as if for the sake of compliance that I need to pass and have grade for the subject.

She should not do that. I hate her of being like that. She should have given us something to work on, like paper works in connection to our lesson or she could have make us discuss in the class on the topics of the next chapter, those kinds of assignments for us to do is worth educative and informative, rather than letting us perform and be teased by everyone in the class. I really hate her for doing that to us.

I don't  know why she demands to perform us something like that in school, in front of my classmates. I am a person with feelings and of course, I am hurt. It is just I don't have any choice but to do what she wants us to do, singing like Rihanna.

I hope that next time when teachers want to trade something for a "messed" activities, it should be that they should give an activity that is worth knowing, worth studying and worth informing. The only problem in this is that when the students perform less in class again, that talent show will proceed until the class will end on May.

I think the teacher is just wasting her time or probably, she doesn't have something to say, that is why, she is like killing the time and do her silly thing. It is so irritating! It is a ridiculous shame on her! 

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