Sunday, April 8, 2012

Why you should need to go to school.

It is for good reason that everyone seek to find education as their goal in life, to finish schooling and live with what they learn by not stop learning.

I tell you that when you go to school, there is this kind of "self-satisfaction" feeling that boosts you not to be left out in the midst of poverty or inappropriateness. You will be able to find happiness that is unexplainable for the contribution that you make not just for yourself but for others as well. Educating oneself is a life-changing-for-good formation. You will not be discriminated nor forsaken if you did not know things because you are filled with knowledge and wisdom that lifts you to the most high of your life.

Education, as what they say, is the solution to poverty. And poverty is not a hindrance to success. But in order to attain the ultimate success in life, one must confine himself, educating in going to school, listening to the teachers, doing the assignments and projects on time and reading ahead of each lesson taken.

Who says that it is so hard to educate oneself? I think it is not hard to be in school. The only way is hard work, perseverance, trust in oneself, pray to God for guidance and most of all study even harder, to the limitless times and of course, this is how I learn, read, read and even read a lot of books. Good habits in reading really benefits you to love school and its ways.

Now, I have been finished with the first course in Education but I never stop schooling. I am taking Nursing as my second course. I would like to extend my knowledge more on things that I do also love, taking care of the sick and the dying. That is why, I never stop learning. I never stop schooling while working as well.

A stagnant mind is a paralyzed mind. When the dreams and aspirations are not moving, then there is no assurance that one will fully succeed. Education is lifetime and for one to set that goal to nourish oneself with the right armor, it all starts and will always be in education.

There are ways in order to attain the best education out from having no enough money to send in school. You may be a working student. You may take an extra added work to fully support your schooling or you may take the scholarship test for you to be in school.

Schooling is never impossible. It is just your way of making your dreams come true and helping yourself land a good job after schooling. To be in school is to fully excel in everything. It is not static. You should not be stagnant. Learn your way how to reach your dreams because you can do it. Persons are we are not bordered with limits. We can do all things possible learning and be in school.

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