Saturday, May 19, 2012

Lady Gaga: Regarding the Philippines

Lady Gaga is set to have concerts in May 21 and 22 in the Philippines, but she was warned to tone down her show in the said country for the people find her extremely bold, in nudity, having lewd conduct and in blasphemy. 

It was her song "Judas" which the Filipino doesn't like because of the mocks and blasphemes of the name and person of our Lord Jesus Christ. It has been viewed that most of the people in the Philippines are Roman Catholics and Christians which their religion is part of their big aspect in recognizing and honoring Lord Jesus Christ. 

I have seen the video of Lady Gaga's "Judas" and I was totally insulted by the whole thing because as a Roman Catholic, Lady Gaga should not have make such a song, such a concept that triggered to hate her for being so malicious and indecent of other people's culture and mostly the people's religion. She should act appropriately. 

I strongly believe that before an artist puts herself to fame, he should have embrace humanity and all that interest people in a pleasant view and not in the mere sense of showing to contradict and finds war in the masterpiece that he will be making. Considering that I am a Filipino, I do believe in God. And here comes Lady Gaga's "Judas" and all her not good acts on stage and even in videos, I can tell that in order to be famous is not to ruin nor harm what other people respected and believed. Remember, that part of what we believe are our rich culture and we preserve that until forever. 

A true artist knows how to respect the culture of every person. It doesn't mean to say that when you are an artist, you can put everything in a masterpiece. Everything that what clings to your mind maliciously in order that you will become more famous and the people will embrace your music. When it comes to religion, we, Filipinos are sensitive and serious in that thing. 

I don't really get what Lady Gaga think about going into making such a song and those not good videos which speculates more discussions and arguments. It is not being famous here and getting the big money. It is more on respect no matter where you may be. 

People do have different perspective but such kind of putting religion at risk is not some kind of respect. I think it is a good idea that Lady Gaga should be banned here in the Philippines. For me, I was totally hurt of her. I prefer Adele to be here in the Philippines than her. 

Hope Lady Gaga gets a lesson on this. Philippines is not ignorant for such a show as Lady Gaga. Philippines can't afford to see live the inappropriate ways for we preserve to live with what we believe in the Divine Power of God and it is in our culture that we are not that type of persons who just merely take time to waste just to ruin the beliefs that we, Filipinos, ones have. 

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