Saturday, May 5, 2012

What is Health Education all about?

To be able to educate ourselvs from preventing illnesses and diseases, Health Education plays a major role in this field. Health Education is not about merely talking about us being healthy but it is a means to do something about one's health status in order to acquire a healthy body, a healthy you.

Health promotion and disease prevention are tow purposes which embrace the atmosphere of Health Education. How one lives in a healthy lifestyle, one's family history, the risk factors which relate to prevention of diseases and other health care professionals inform everyone in the community, to their family or to the patient, the ways of prevention and the solution to their health problems in accordance to their desired limits and areas of concern in providing care.

 Health Education teaches everyone to continue living in a healthy behaviors. It demonstrates, gives examples, clarifies and even soothes to share ways of avoiding and reducing the life threatening situations that might trigger the health of a person. It concerns in providing health information, products and services to accessibly cater the needs of the masses on how to use them properly for effective efficacy. It simply understands cultures and its norms in terms of providing professional health services that does not harm. It collaborates with the media and technology to further enhance its study to actively take part for more better solutions to health problems by making the public aware. It is not selfishly sustaining in its own but rather, it propagates an extra mile of cares and concerns selflessly for generation to generations. 

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