Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Bad Effects of Yelling

When a person yell at you, of course your initial reaction would be that you are yelling in reply. There is no one in this world who wants to be yelled. 

Yelling is a negative expression that brought about by anger. It is not to utter with respect, but it is a way of making things in a demeaning manner. 

To yell donates a very big bad impact to the one who is being yelled at. Because one is yelling, it boils to the main reasons that would make yelling...

1. A way to hate the world. No matter who you encounter, when you are in great anger and you tend to yell because you want to emphasize right directly to the face of a person that you want him to be slapped by the unpleasant words, it brings him a very sad feeling of depression. It doesn't bring any good no matter the height of acting the manner is for a good reason of improvement, but it is not leading into a good cause. 

2. A way for imitating such bad actions. The tendency of the person being yelled to gives him a sample of being in the same manner when he dominantly make others to do such a request and when it was not followed, the clue of yelling will be implanted in his mind, giving him a clue to do the same to the other. 

3. A way of entering the self-depression of a person. To be yelled at is not proper. The one who do the bad act makes it a big self-depressing impact to the one who he yelled. The question will always boils to the fact that the one who was yelled at was not able to make the right way or he is always blaming himself for doing "no good" at all sorts of things. 

4. A way to down a person's self-esteem. Yelling always give bad results. It lacks the person's trust of himself, leading him not to try but instead making his potential, putting always into the risk of no action on challenges. It will always make the self in a down state of feeling. 

5. A way to be stagnant. Persons who experienced being yelled at are not productive. They are stagnant for they don't want to move forward to make a new step for progress because they don't want to be corrected or be yelled again for the "mistake" that they might commit for the next time. 

Persons who are yelled at always find yelling a negative example and they might imitate it to do just the same when encounters comes. But for persons who has a positive view and good coping mechanism, probably they will be able to do something in a positive diversion to understand thing and matter such as yelling. Most of them are not affected in this manner. 

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Millionaire Dating with your Millionaire Match

What on Earth are you apt to? Meeting people are just so simple and if you are like stocking into your room and flash the conservative in you, then for sure, you will have no room and limited opportunity to meet acquaintances. On the other side, if you are into making people your top priority, then it is for sure that you will surely feel the happiness in a wonderful living. How? 

Meeting people are like taking into a date. Bumping up with Mr. Right is like millionaire dating. You got to know them and if you both have the chemistry, then marriage comes. It is just like that.

Most of the people are in search for their other half, as persons we are have the right to love and be loved. Because of the wide range of selection online about where to look for him or her, millionaire dating is the place to be. In Millionaire match, you will be able to find professionals and prominent individuals who are that capable financially and proficiently. But all should do something about love.

Love is the bind that make solid the soul. In love finds the two who are all in one for a family. They find it always in a happy company and problems are at easy be solved because in them lies the love of each other.

Millionaire dating is the kind of truer dating site that leads you to find the person that you are looking for for the rest of your life. And it is only in our trys that all will be made possible.

I have come to know that there are lots of marriages right now which make it possible because of their first “meet” that makes it all actively alright. In fact, people all around the world are apt to online dating right now. They find it better to choose people and correspond to them in a way that will create the “fire” of lifetime happiness in love.

Because of millionaire dating, everyone has the right place to get started with not just friends status but in marriage as well.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Drawing Interpretation of the Mission of our School

Our teacher in English told the class to make a drawing representation of either the mission or the vision of our school and I happily choose to interpret the mission. 

As you can see, it is obviously so simple. In fact, it takes only about 25 minutes for me to finish this craft of mine. Maybe others might think that I don't have much education in art because I portray so simple drawing, that elementary pupils can do it in just a quick strokes of their pens. 
Yes, it surely does! It is so plainly simple, but the meaning is that heavy. I choose to make a road with the marks of a line in the center ranging from an obvious marks until it goes down to just points leading to the arrow. That simply means that life of a students starts in a development and learning is a process. One can go directly moulded if he is not that well equipped. There are lots of trails and challenges along the way but by one's determination a person can go straight. 

The 4 arrows that pointing to the roads with its different lines marks the temptations and problems that cause a person to be down, those are coming from the outside. But because of the person's willingness to focus into his education, he is that competent and confidence to move forward without entertaining temptations. 

Yellow color is what I choose for the man since yellow brings positive tiding that means energy and triumph and good news for success. The circle symbolizes the total person leading his way and is now a professional in his own field embracing the teachings and values taught by the school. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mission and Vision of Capitol University, College of Nursing, Philippines

We, the first year students in Nursing have just had our Orientation. This one-day activity is for all freshmen especially in the College of Nursing who are a part now to this school.

Part of our orientation is the introduction of the mission and vision of Capitol University, College of Nursing which geared us into right direction, following the aim of CU to mold us by equipping ourselves with the right nursing care skills for practical application in the future as we become fully registered nurses someday.

The Capitol University College of Nursing envisions to be recognized as a leading learner-centered educational institution that produces excellent, competent and proficient professional nurses capable of enhancing holistic health for the quality of life among diverse communities in a global society. 

The College of Nursing supports the mission of the University to facilitate the development and transformation of students into globally competent nurses by providing world-class instruction and facilities. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I knew that he is already in a relationship...

Early to school so that I will not be able to be late in the class, the incidence wasn't something to expect. For many weeks that we have not seen, we then bumped into each other with just saying our "His!" and "Hellos". That moment, I am in the verge of extreme happiness that it feels like that my heart jumps in great joy.

We talked for just awhile. His face is just like the same face of my ex-boyfriend before. Flashbacks all comes in mind and then I think while I see his face, "Wish I can take care of you." That is only in my mind. With no further utterance, that moment is something like an everlasting experience. I don't know if he feels something for me. What I know for sure is that I like him.

Part of our short conversation discovers me that he has already committed to someone else, his girlfriend. And it downs my heart in silence when I knew it. I just keep my peace and then, I pause to think that I hope I can take care of him, thinking it is just a dream. Only my soul just knew.

I went home erasing his number from my phone. Defensively, I don't want to ruin a happy life. That, I think for their welfare and there is no need to prolong the encounter because I don't want to hurt her girl for we are that having good jives when we talk.

When I see him everyday, my day's complete. I am determined to do my school works. I am always happy to do them. Though I know he has his woman right now, hope the wind will tell him that someone like me really cares. But I am not that type to make the move. I am not like that.

Here I am just listening to Adele's song, "Make You Feel My Love." I can say how lucky her girl is for having him, the kind of person whom I want to care, but it is so impossible for they are already sharing both happiness in love. Respect and acceptance are the sole muster that I grip into.

How wonderful it is to care him. I just keep my silence. I hope that the wind will tell him that there is someone special is waiting for him. I don't know when can we be able to see each other again.

Then, I cried.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Adele - I'll Be Waiting

Adele is a legend. She is really a good and stunning singer. This song is a song that makes you dance. The rhythm of the tone of the song makes everyone go with the flow of the music. It reflects realistic scenario of most of us waiting for love.

I love this song!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Adele cries after singing "Someone Like You"

Adele has been my all-time favorite singer. I love she puts emotion to all her songs and "Someone Like You" carries heavy emotion, reflecting what she really feels from hurt and heartbreak after a serious relationship of her ex.

She cries after singing the song in the huge crowd. From there, I can see how deep Adele feels the pain out from the shattered past relationship that ends in a breakup abruptly. Indeed, relationships are like that for some instance. I just feel how she really clings to move on and feel much better after that pain. Her video is worth a reflection.

I love Adele so much. She is a true person that has a good heart. I can see it in  her.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Fridges: Keep everything cold.

I knew just pretty well that when I do go to the grocery, I will buy in bunch for the week's budget. It is so tasking for me to go to the store everyday to buy the food for us to eat. That is why, buying in bunch is a very good idea for I have to store them in the right place, on the fridge-s.

Storing the food in the right place need the right temperature. When you buy in bunches, it is good to have a better place for your food to be preserved and will go for weeks, months or two. Good thing that there are lots of different types of fridges that indeed help all of us to make the food we purchased to last for a longer time. In this way, we can save time, energy and of course, money.

Everything has to be in the right place and when it comes to the things that invigorates our stomach, it just perfectly need the right fridges.

Thanks that I have that kind of fridges!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Bettle Midler's In My Life

I love Bette Midler. I love her songs and the soul that she puts in it. One of my favorite of her many soulful songs is "In My Life". When I hear this everytime I tune in the cassette player, it reminds me of my journey in life. All those sweet bitter pains and sadness and how I overcome them. This song reminds me of my past, of my youth. It always lead me to where I am right now and how I struggle to still move on and survive.

Bette Midler is a legend. I can see always excelling in her choice of music. I do like her so much. And thanks for her music which touches me every now and then and moves me in many ways. 
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