Saturday, June 30, 2012

The Bad Effects of Yelling

When a person yell at you, of course your initial reaction would be that you are yelling in reply. There is no one in this world who wants to be yelled. 

Yelling is a negative expression that brought about by anger. It is not to utter with respect, but it is a way of making things in a demeaning manner. 

To yell donates a very big bad impact to the one who is being yelled at. Because one is yelling, it boils to the main reasons that would make yelling...

1. A way to hate the world. No matter who you encounter, when you are in great anger and you tend to yell because you want to emphasize right directly to the face of a person that you want him to be slapped by the unpleasant words, it brings him a very sad feeling of depression. It doesn't bring any good no matter the height of acting the manner is for a good reason of improvement, but it is not leading into a good cause. 

2. A way for imitating such bad actions. The tendency of the person being yelled to gives him a sample of being in the same manner when he dominantly make others to do such a request and when it was not followed, the clue of yelling will be implanted in his mind, giving him a clue to do the same to the other. 

3. A way of entering the self-depression of a person. To be yelled at is not proper. The one who do the bad act makes it a big self-depressing impact to the one who he yelled. The question will always boils to the fact that the one who was yelled at was not able to make the right way or he is always blaming himself for doing "no good" at all sorts of things. 

4. A way to down a person's self-esteem. Yelling always give bad results. It lacks the person's trust of himself, leading him not to try but instead making his potential, putting always into the risk of no action on challenges. It will always make the self in a down state of feeling. 

5. A way to be stagnant. Persons who experienced being yelled at are not productive. They are stagnant for they don't want to move forward to make a new step for progress because they don't want to be corrected or be yelled again for the "mistake" that they might commit for the next time. 

Persons who are yelled at always find yelling a negative example and they might imitate it to do just the same when encounters comes. But for persons who has a positive view and good coping mechanism, probably they will be able to do something in a positive diversion to understand thing and matter such as yelling. Most of them are not affected in this manner. 

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