Monday, June 25, 2012

Drawing Interpretation of the Mission of our School

Our teacher in English told the class to make a drawing representation of either the mission or the vision of our school and I happily choose to interpret the mission. 

As you can see, it is obviously so simple. In fact, it takes only about 25 minutes for me to finish this craft of mine. Maybe others might think that I don't have much education in art because I portray so simple drawing, that elementary pupils can do it in just a quick strokes of their pens. 
Yes, it surely does! It is so plainly simple, but the meaning is that heavy. I choose to make a road with the marks of a line in the center ranging from an obvious marks until it goes down to just points leading to the arrow. That simply means that life of a students starts in a development and learning is a process. One can go directly moulded if he is not that well equipped. There are lots of trails and challenges along the way but by one's determination a person can go straight. 

The 4 arrows that pointing to the roads with its different lines marks the temptations and problems that cause a person to be down, those are coming from the outside. But because of the person's willingness to focus into his education, he is that competent and confidence to move forward without entertaining temptations. 

Yellow color is what I choose for the man since yellow brings positive tiding that means energy and triumph and good news for success. The circle symbolizes the total person leading his way and is now a professional in his own field embracing the teachings and values taught by the school. 

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