Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Mission and Vision of Capitol University, College of Nursing, Philippines

We, the first year students in Nursing have just had our Orientation. This one-day activity is for all freshmen especially in the College of Nursing who are a part now to this school.

Part of our orientation is the introduction of the mission and vision of Capitol University, College of Nursing which geared us into right direction, following the aim of CU to mold us by equipping ourselves with the right nursing care skills for practical application in the future as we become fully registered nurses someday.

The Capitol University College of Nursing envisions to be recognized as a leading learner-centered educational institution that produces excellent, competent and proficient professional nurses capable of enhancing holistic health for the quality of life among diverse communities in a global society. 

The College of Nursing supports the mission of the University to facilitate the development and transformation of students into globally competent nurses by providing world-class instruction and facilities. 

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