Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When I knew that he is already in a relationship...

Early to school so that I will not be able to be late in the class, the incidence wasn't something to expect. For many weeks that we have not seen, we then bumped into each other with just saying our "His!" and "Hellos". That moment, I am in the verge of extreme happiness that it feels like that my heart jumps in great joy.

We talked for just awhile. His face is just like the same face of my ex-boyfriend before. Flashbacks all comes in mind and then I think while I see his face, "Wish I can take care of you." That is only in my mind. With no further utterance, that moment is something like an everlasting experience. I don't know if he feels something for me. What I know for sure is that I like him.

Part of our short conversation discovers me that he has already committed to someone else, his girlfriend. And it downs my heart in silence when I knew it. I just keep my peace and then, I pause to think that I hope I can take care of him, thinking it is just a dream. Only my soul just knew.

I went home erasing his number from my phone. Defensively, I don't want to ruin a happy life. That, I think for their welfare and there is no need to prolong the encounter because I don't want to hurt her girl for we are that having good jives when we talk.

When I see him everyday, my day's complete. I am determined to do my school works. I am always happy to do them. Though I know he has his woman right now, hope the wind will tell him that someone like me really cares. But I am not that type to make the move. I am not like that.

Here I am just listening to Adele's song, "Make You Feel My Love." I can say how lucky her girl is for having him, the kind of person whom I want to care, but it is so impossible for they are already sharing both happiness in love. Respect and acceptance are the sole muster that I grip into.

How wonderful it is to care him. I just keep my silence. I hope that the wind will tell him that there is someone special is waiting for him. I don't know when can we be able to see each other again.

Then, I cried.

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