Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chemistry: What is Matter?

My teacher in Chemistry discusses well. There are lots of things that I have learned from here. That is why, I can thinking of sharing this to you as well.

Substances: Element or Compound
Elements are the simplest kind of matter. It can't be broken down and still have properties of that element. It is all one kind of atom. Compounds are substances that can be broken down only by chemical methods. When broken down, the pieces have completely of different properties than the original compound. It is made up of two or more atoms, chemically combined (not just a physical blend).

Compounds vs. Mixture
Compounds are made up of one kind of material. It is by chemical means and it is of definite composition. Mixture is made up of more than one kind of material. It is made by physical change and it is of variable composition.

Elements vs. Compounds
Compounds can be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means, but element can't. A chemical change is a change that produces matter with a different composition than the original matter.

Chemical Change
A change in which one or more substances are converted into different substances. Heat and light are often evidence of a chemical change.

Properties of Compounds
Quite different properties than their component elements. It is due to a chemical change, the resulting compound has new and different properties:
Ex. table sugar - carbon, hydrogen and oxygen
Sodium Chloride - sodium and chloride
Water - hydrogen and oxygen

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